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Slag's Fleet in the Ublik Passage

The Ublik Passage was the location of Slag's Fleet, located in Pirate Territory. This was where Ratchet and Clank fought and defeated Captain Slag. The Ublik Passage was previously used for connection between the Praxus and Verdigris Sectors. Allied Polaris used these routes to move supplies and troops across each sector during the Great War; however, the Cragmites later on detonated a nearby star. Radiation from the star remains made the passage too dangerous to try to cross. Then, it became occupied by Slag's Fleet, natural since the Space Pirates were robots and thus unaffected by the radiation. In various locations on the fleet, whale-like animals can be seen flying around, just like the ones on Ardolis and Vapedia, which may mean they were introduced into that environment by the pirates.


Ublik Passage was once a bustling interstellar traffic zone that connected the Praxus Sector with the Verdigris Sector, with thousands of spaceships traveling the passage everyday. During the Great War, this route was used by Allied Polaris to ship supplies to races resisting the Cragmite's expansion. Its value was not lost on the Cragmites, who denoted a local neutron star in the passage, which made the entire sector completely irradiated from solar energy. With the entire passage being highly irradiated, the Ublik Passage was no longer safe passage way, which ended it's use as an interstellar passage way.

Years later, Slag's Fleet set shop in the Ublik Passage, since Space Pirates, being robots after all, were immune to the dangerous radiation found throughout the area. This

During the events of Tools of Destruction, the Space Pirates under Slag's command stole the Dimensionator from Ratchet and Clank and took it to his fleet docked in the Ublik Passage. Ratchet and Clank; however, followed Slag, and killed him, reclaiming the weapon. Later in a brave (but highly stupid) move, Qwark stole the weapon, planning to throw it into a black hole using an Escape Pod. Instead, the Escape Pod took him to planet Reepor, the HQ of Imperial Army.




  • It is unknown how Ratchet and Captain Qwark were able to survive the radiation of the Ublik Passage.