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Tyhrranosis is a planet in the Solana Galaxy featured in Up Your Arsenal. It is a desert planet notable as the homeworld of the tyhrranoids, who have a large fortress in Korgon Base where the Momma Tyhrranoid lived, and a remote military base on Kavu Island.

Ratchet and Clank invaded the planet, leading an assault by the Galactic Rangers. The group launched an attack on Korgon Base, in which the Rangers destroy the power generators first. After this, with the help of Skrunch in a turboslider, Ratchet then destroyed several plasma cannon turrets before fighting the Momma Tyhrranoid. After successfully defeating her, Ratchet and Clank then traveled to Kavu Island along with the Galactic Rangers and destroyed a tyhrranoid base.


Qwark's plan of attack.

After Ratchet and Clank successfully infiltrated Dr. Nefarious' base on Aquatos, Captain Qwark congratulated himself for the plan, and then drew up a plan to attack Tyhrranosis. Once again, Qwark's plan involved putting Ratchet and Clank on the front lines in danger, while Qwark and the rest of the Q-Force were at the lunch buffet on deck five of the Starship Phoenix for meatloaf day.[2]

Sasha sends a turboslider.

In "Take out the power generators", Ratchet and Clank performed a HALO jump with other Galactic Rangers to Korgon Base, though only two made it to the surface with him. The group then destroyed a power generator, thus destroying the mortar launchers on the base and allowing the Rangers' dropship to land. Sasha Phyronix then sent a turboslider, with Skrunch manning the cannons, for the next mission, "Destroy the plasma cannon turrets".

Qwark claims credit.

After destroying each of the turrets, Ratchet and Clank fought the Momma Tyhrranoid in her base. Despite killing her, Captain Qwark swooped in at the last minute and stood on her eye, claiming credit in front of Darla Gratch for a news report.

In "Destroy the Encampment", Ratchet led Operation: ISLAND STRIKE, a Ranger assault on the remote tyhrranoid military base on the island. Both the Rangers and tyhrranoids had set up a base for the battle. In this mission, Ratchet first defended the Ranger base from waves of tyhrranoids and captured the hovership pad. Ratchet then used hovership to defend against an attack of tyhrranoid dropships. After this, while the Rangers worked on a plan to deactivate the forcefield surrounding the tyhrranoid base so they could attack it, Ratchet defeated tyhrranoid forces in the surrounding areas. Eventually, a Ranger named H-26 sacrificed his life to deactivate the forcefield.[3] Ratchet then led an attack on the tyhrranoid base, completing the operation.



Tyhrannosis is a desert planet with a harsh climate, home to the tyhrranoids. The environment is mostly barren, with large flat-topped mountains comprising the bulk of the land, and limited vegetation, in the form of small red plants and tall, thin, hollow plants with a wide opening. The planet has a yellow atmosphere, reflected in the dark red color of its water. While the planet is home to large continents as seen from space, the tyhrranoid bases are built on remote islands.

Korgon Base

Map layout of Korgon Base.

Korgon Base is the home of the tyhrranoids, and the location of the Momma Tyhrranoid's lair. The base is built on a remote island, and defended by mortar launchers built on top of an orange structure adjacent on the southern side, and plasma cannon turrets dotted around the four intercardinal directions near the coastlines. Each of the buildings in the base are styled after vague insectoid-shapes, with support legs that attach them to the ground. The island is largely devoid of water, save for a collection of small pools.

Mortar launchers base

The interior of the base.

The mortar launcher base is an area visited only in the mission "Take out the power generators". It is a long, orange structure with a vaguely insectoid shape, with the mortar launchers perched on the rooftops. The interior of the base is mostly a dark brown shade and dark green on the walls, with bright green lights dotted around, and consists of wide, open rooms in between narrow, tunnel-like corridors. Some of the rooms contain wide, transparent domes, within which are terminals with green screens. Several blocks are found around the rooms that can provide cover. On the outside near the back is a small patch of ground, on which Ratchet and the Rangers landed on, next to a small entrance.

The entrance leads into a wide, open room, with a corridor on the right that leads into another open room containing domes. To the right of this room is a corridor that bends around to the left before turning right again into the last room, where the power generators of the mortar launchers are contained, one in the center of the room, and one in a dome at the back of the room. An exit on the left leads to a bridge out to the main area of Korgon Base, where the plasma cannon turrets are found.

Central area

The central area.

The central area of Korgon Base comprises an open plot of land. It is fairly hilly, and several tyhrranoid watchtowers are located here and there. Roads span from the raised bridge that connects the central area to the landing zone used by the Star Explorer, with one road loading southeast, one west, and one straight north to the entrance to the Momma Tyhrranoid's lair. On the western side of this area is a large mountain, with one small cave and one large cavern inside, and a plasma cannon turret perched atop it.

The cavern.

The road west leads to the entrance of the aforementioned cavern that eventually leads to the plasma cannon turret. The mouth of the cave is reached by an elevated plateau, with a Gadgetron vendor adjacent to it. A floating platform functioning as an elevator is used to descend into the cave. The cave itself is filled with green slime pits, with rock plateaus in between the slime used to cross it. To the north of the cave is an exit leading to the plasma turret area outside.

The western side.

To the southwest, near the largest cave, is a set of plateaus leading towards a small cave on the southern end of the mountain on the western side. Within it, a power generator is located, connected to the plasma cannon turret atop the mountain.

A plasma cannon near the base.

To the north-east is a set of structures clustered together which vary in size, with a plasma turret being located atop a tall plateau. To the south-east is a long bridge, adjacent to a tower on which a plasma cannon turret is perched. The bridge connects the central area with a small island off from the main area, which is covered mostly by an insectoid structure, with three antennae above it. The structure has a single room with a power generator for the nearest plasma cannon turret.

Momma Tyhrranoid lair

The lair.

The Momma Tyhrranoid lair is a towering, orange building located on the north end of Korgon Base, visited in "Destroy the Momma Tyhrranoid". Inside the building, the walls all have a dark, green coloration. The entrance to the lair is a tall, imposing gate at the front of the building, with an elevator inside leading all the way up to the control room,[4] where the Momma Tyhrranoid resides.

The control room itself is a vast, wide room made of a series of bridges around two pillars in the center over a pit of green slime. The room has a webbed ceiling, which the Momma Tyhrranoid can crawl across, and is lit by bright green lights. At the left and back end of the room are wide corridors leading to other rooms. The corridor at the back end is blocked by a force field, though the left-hand corridor leads to another identical room. Along this corridor are inaccessible doors the size of Ratchet, presumably leading to other parts of the building.

Kavu Island

Map of Kavu Island.

Kavu Island is a remote military base visited in "Operation: ISLAND STRIKE". The bulk of the island is a mountain, with tyhrranoid tower structures built into its caves and on the mountain tops. On the northern outsides of the island are three chunks of land, connected by bridges, which are almost completely symmetrical. On the western chunk, the Rangers' blue base is located, while on the eastern side, the tyhrranoid base is located. The middle area contains two plateaus. One is close to a hill on the northern end of the map, while the other contains the hovership pad, and a large inaccessible entrance to the tyhrranoid structures inside the island's mountain.

Kavu Island

Both bases also have an additional two inaccessible pair of entrances to the interior of the mountain, one right opposite each base, and one on the south end past an unavailable bridge.


Korgon Outpost is a multiplayer map based on Kavu Island. It features an almost identical layout, aside from an additional central building in the middle of the map between both bases. All three modes can be played on the map, and both the turboslider and hovership can be used.

Behind the scenes

The turboslider had originally been developed for the racing segment on Florana, for which no gameplay was ever done. As the turboslider had been completed for it, it ended up being reused on Tyhrranosis, which had been made for non-linear gameplay.[5]

The Momma Tyhrranoid was programmed by Jerrod Putman and designed by Brian Allgeier. The boss battle design took inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, and there were at least three iterations on it. The Momma Tyhrranoid was Putman's first big task. Putman programmed the different scenes from the Momma Tyhrranoid's perspective despite not being an animator, and the scenes were made purely with code.[6]

The 'noid missile stations on Kavu Island won the Snowbeast Award for receiving strongly negative reactions. This was because it is unclear where the missile will land and they give little warning, making them difficult to avoid. Other developers pleaded to change them, causing the programmer to resist them.[7]



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