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Tyhrranoid saucers are enemies encountered in Up Your Arsenal. They are small, flying vehicles operated by two-eyed tyhrranoids, and predominantly seen defending the Korgon Base on Tyhrranosis and during all Galactic Ranger operations on the battlefield.

Tyhrranoid saucers fired orange plasma bullets from two protruding cannons from either side of the saucer. The cockpit had red armor and was just large enough to fit a single tyhrranoid inside.


Ratchet and Clank first encountered tyhrranoid saucers in the Capital City, Marcadia, during Operation: IRON SHIELD. The saucers warped in one-eyed tyhrranoids when flying into the presidential compound during several missions. They were fought both on foot and using the turret.

They were later fought in both Korgon Base and Kavu Island on Tyhrranosis. They defended Korgon Base during "Take out the power generators" and "Destroy the plasma cannon turrets", and on Kavu Island, were fought during Operation: ISLAND STRIKE by Ratchet on foot and with the hovership.

Tyhrranoid saucers also appeared in the invasion force that attacked Blackwater City, Rilgar, and were fought during Operation: BLACK TIDE. The saucers were the only tyhrranoids capable of bypassing the forcefield blocking the bridge and flying over to attack the Rangers.

The saucers, now piloted by two-eyed robonoids following the Biobliterator attack, also attacked the towers of Metropolis, Kerwan, during Operation: URBAN STORM. Ratchet fought them using the hovership, turret, and on land. Finally, they were fought in Outpost X12, Aridia, during Operation: DEATH VALLEY, on foot, using the hovership, and the turboslider.


The Saucer appears to be quite mobile, but in effect only use this to get into position instead of dodging enemy fire. They often appear from beneath bridges or fly in over walls, making them sometimes unpredictable. They can also teleport in one-eyed tyhrranoids on the ground beneath them, but being damaged interrupts and stops the process. Ultimately they are both easy to dodge and destroy, as they lack both the armor, damage and mobility to withstand a small number of well-placed shots. The N60 Storm and Spitting Hydra are very effective, as is the Suck Cannon. Later on they become more of a nuisance rather than a real threat and are easily dealt with as a byproduct of the use of the Annihilator, Disc Blade Gun, and Rift Inducer.