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Tyhrranoid dropships are a vehicle commonly used by the tyhrranoids in Up Your Arsenal. They were integral to the tyhrranoid invasions, and could be seen continuously flying around during in the skies during the attacks. They were also seen in the skies of the Nefarious BFG area, Koros, and the command center, Mylon.


Tyhrranoid dropships were first seen on Veldin, during "Save Veldin!", deploying tyhrranoids. However, they only featured in actual combat during "Turret Command" in Operation: IRON SHIELD in Capital City on Marcadia, in which they had to be shot down while defending the turret. During the same operation in "Hit n' Run", they would also actively fire on a Ranger-operated turret.

On Kavu Island, Tyhrranosis, during Operation: ISLAND STRIKE, they featured heavily in "Dogfight over Kavu Island" and "Operation Thunderbolt". In the former, Ratchet used a hovership to shoot down a small fleet of dropships that were attempting to shoot it out of the sky, and in the latter, they were defending a collection of 'noid missile stations and ultra mecha-tyhrranoids from the same hovership.

After this, the tyhrranoid dropships appeared frequently throughout Ranger operations. Additionally, during "Escape the Tyhrranoid Ambush" in Holostar Studios, "Find Dr. Nefarious" in Metropolis, Kerwan, as well as Operation: DEATH VALLEY's "X12 Endgame", a tyhrranoid dropship appeared to block Ratchet's path.


As per their name, dropships will often be seen dropping enemies off in the midst or at the start of a fight, reinforcing enemy positions. It is possible to destroy them with powerful weapons such as the Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun to preemptively take their occupants with them. They will occasionally shoot at Ratchet if he is on foot, normally only doing so in an attempt to pin him down while dropping units, though in some cases they appear solely to block his path and must be destroyed. When Ratchet is operating a vehicle or turret, the dropships fight more directly as an enemy.

Tyhrranoid dropships are quite maneuverable and fast, but their bulk and requirement to halt to drop off units, or accurately fire at enemies, makes them an easy target at such opportunities. Their twin cannons are rather powerful, but not very accurate, although their cannons can be aimed to hit targets at a varying angle.

Behind the scenes

Although no pilots are seen operating them, the similar tyhrranoid attack ships were operated by two-eyed tyhrranoids, who also controlled all other vehicles. This suggests that two-eyed tyhrranoids may have been the pilots.