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Tyhrranoid attack ships[1] are enemies encountered in Up Your Arsenal. They are large red assault aircraft that were used during the tyhrranoids' ground offense on Veldin, with two being seen on Kyzil Plateau in "Save Veldin!", and another at the end of "Eliminate the Enemy Forces" in F-Sector.

Attack ships have a short and stocky fuselage, with small but thick wings that each have an additional one-eyed tyhrranoid operating some controls. The main cockpit is open and managed by a two-eyed tyhrranoid. There is an additional pair of tiny wings mounted near the front, below the cockpit, and air intakes located on the top half of the vehicle. They also have a small blaster on the bottom side that faces the front end of the vehicle.

Concept art of the Tyhrranoid attack ship (top left).

Attack ships do not act as aerial support, but rather as a floating and mobile blockade to anyone attempting to pass, using their short-ranged machinegun to stop enemies. The gun can fire continuously, but is not strong enough to penetrate cover, and relatively easy to avoid by sideflipping. A single Nitro Launcher blast is enough to take them down, although the Shock Blaster also suffices.


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