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Two-headed Smolgian snappers[1] are enemies in Going Commando encountered in the Megacorp distribution facility on Smolg. They are creatures of average size, but with two heads extending from long necks, and a set of quadrupedal legs to support their armored body. Their heads have horns on both sides, and a sharp maw for attacking prey. Their armor is largely purple, but has a layer of black, followed by thicker spiked and red armor, on the top of their main body and each head. Ratchet and Clank encountered them during "Search the Distribution Facility", "Traverse the Warehouse", and "Explore the docked ships"; in the latter, they encountered a sentient snapper with one head; the Mutant Crab.

Smolgian snappers use melee attacks by lunging forward with one head and biting. After taking damage, they will counter-attack with a bite immediately. They are also relatively durable due to their shell, and can attack in quick succession with each head, making them dangerous in melee fights and in greater numbers. The Bouncer, Hoverbomb Gun and Plasma Coil are easily sufficient for any groups, whereas the Minirocket Tube can suffice against single targets. Using the Shield Charger for back-up is also helpful.


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