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The two-eyed tyhrranoid[1] was a type of tyhrranoid encountered in Up Your Arsenal. They controlled all the tyhrranoid vehicles and machines, including Momma Tyhrranoid's backpack turret, possibly making them the most intelligent of the species. The more advanced variant were tiger striped and replaced the regular version on Kavu Island and onward. Once transformed into their mechanical versions by the Biobliterator in Metropolis, they turned into the two-eyed robonoid.

As the primary vehicle operator, they are seen piloting the tyhrranoid saucer and tyhrranoid attack ship, as well as seen operating the mecha-tyhrranoid and its stronger variant, the ultra mecha-tyhrranoid.


Up Your Arsenal

Two-eyed tyhrranoids sneaking up on Darla Gratch.

Two-eyed tyhrranoids first appeared in Darla Gratch's Channel 64 News report of the attack on planet Veldin, filmed in the F-Sector area. A couple two-eyed tyhrranoids carrying blasters were filmed attacking, and three closed in on Darla Gratch as she finished her report. Ratchet and Clank then encountered the two-eyed tyhrranoids on Veldin, operating mecha-tyhrranoids and tyhrranoid attack ships in "Save Veldin!", and also fighting as an inventory force in the following mission "Eliminate the Enemy Forces". Both the basic mecha-tyhrranoid and Tyhrranoid Attack Ships did not appear on any other planets.

In later instances they are solely seen operating and piloting vehicles, likely including the tyhrranoid dropships. They are also seen while fighting the Momma Tyhrranoid, piloting her backpack turret.


A two-eyed tyhrranoid plays a priest, in a reality dating show, for a marriage between a one-eyed tyhrranoid female and psy-tcopus disguised as a male one-eyed tyhrranoid using the Tyhrra-Guise. After the psy-tcopus reveals he is not really a tyhrranoid, the two-eyed tyhrranoid priest trembles back in fear at the true form of the would-be groom.


Concept art of the Two-eyed tyhrranoid from Up Your Arsenal

The two-eyed tyhrranoid had a peach-colored torso and blue skin while first encountered on Veldin. Similarly to the one-eyed tyhrranoid, their mouth is on the torso while two eyes stem from the top of their body. While fighting alone, they held a small pistol that fired shots of plasma. Their advanced counterparts, the two-eyed tyhrranoids V2 were tiger-striped versions of the two-eyed tyhrranoids. They first appeared on Tyhrranosis. Two-eyed robonoids were mechanical versions of the two-eyed tyhrranoids. After being transformed by the Biobliterator, they continued to control several vehicles as before with an increased amount of attack power.


The standard two-eyed tyhrranoid infantry is only encountered once and in a fairly large group, and is rather easily dispatched with either the Nitro Launcher or the Shock Blaster. At best, they can lay down fire peridiocally with their plasma pistols, but they lack both the speed and fire rate to make a serious threat besides their numbers.


  • In Secret Agent Clank, statues of two-eyed tyhrranoids appeared in the Boltaire Museum. These are depicted as running away from a Zeus-like Robot.
  • In Full Frontal Assault, the tyhrranoid multiplayer skin was a two-eyed tyhrranoid.


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