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The two-eyed tyhrranoid was a type of Tyhrranoid encountered in Up Your Arsenal. They controlled all the tyhrranoid vehicles and machines, including Momma Tyhrranoid's backpack turret, possibly making them the most intelligent of the species. The more advanced variant, known as the two-eyed tyhrranoid V2 were tiger striped and replaced the regular version on Kavu Island and onward. Once transformed into their mechanical versions by the Biobliterator in Metropolis, they turned into the two-eyed robonoid.

As the primary vehicle operator, they are seen piloting the Tyhrranoid Saucer and Tyhrranoid Attack Ship, as well as seen operating the Mecha-Tyhrranoid and its stronger variant, the Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoid.


Up Your Arsenal

Two Eyed Tyhrranoids are first encountered on planet Veldin, acting as the main invasion force and operating both Mecha-Tyhrranoids, a single Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoid and four Tyhrranoid Attack Ships. It is also the only time when they are encountered as an infantry force. Both the Mecha-Tyhrranoid and Tyhrranoid Attack Ships did not appear on any other planets.

In later instances they are solely seen operating and piloting vehicles, likely including the dropships. They are also seen while fighting the Momma Tyhrranoid, piloting her backpack turret.


In Ratchet: Deadlocked a two-eyed tyhrranoid plays a priest, in a reality dating show, for a marriage between a One-Eyed Tyhrranoid female and psy-tcopus disguised as a male one-eyed tyhrranoid using the Tyhrra-Guise. After the psy-tcopus reveals he is not really a tyhrranoid, the two-eyed tyhrranoid priest trembles back in fear at the true form of the would-be groom.


Two-eyed tyhrranoid

The two-eyed tyhrranoid had a peach-colored torso and blue skin while first encountered on Veldin. Similarly to the one-eyed tyhrranoid, their mouth is on the torso while two eyes stem from the top of their body. While fighting alone, they held a small pistol that fired shots of plasma. Their advanced counterparts, the two-eyed tyhrranoids V2 were tiger-striped versions of the two-eyed tyhrranoids. They first appeared on Tyhrranosis. Two-tyed robonoids were mechanical versions of the two-eyed tyhrranoids. After being transformed by the Biobliterator, they continued to control several vehicles as before with an increased amount of attack power.


Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoid

The Ultra Mecha Tyhrranoid

The Mecha-Tyhrranoid was a two-legged robot operated by a two-eyed tyhrranoid. They had two arms that could fire green beams at a medium range. Their beams always moved forward along the ground no matter where they aimed, and their attack range was not spectacularly long. The Mecha-Tyhrranoid had a green plate of armor and had a cockpit with a small window on the front. The Ultra Mecha-Tyhrranoid was the upgraded variant, with a red-painted armor. They were most often seen deployed from Tyhrranoid dropships, holding strategic location or facing the Galactic Rangers on the front lines. Unlike the normal variant, the Ultra version is capable of targeting and hitting targets at a very long range, whether they are on the ground or in the air.

Tyhrranoid Saucers fired orange plasma bullets from two protruding cannons from either side of the saucer. The cockpit had red armor and was just large enough to fit a single tyhrranoid inside. They were most commonly encountered during operations with the Galactic Rangers. They would teleport one-eyed tyhrranoids into the battlefield.

Tyhrranoid Attack Ship

A Tyhrranoid Attack Ship

The Tyhrranoid Attack Ship were piloted by two-eyed tyhrranoid, as well as four one-eyed They were fitted with a small short-ranged gun on the front, which would fire a stream of bullets. They had red colored armor and were more often used to hold enemy troops from advancing in areas where ground units could not hold the line, rather than acting as aerial support.


The standard two-eyed tyhrranoid infantry is only encountered once and in a fairly large group, and is rather easily dispatched with either the Nitro Launcher or the Shock Blaster. At best they can lay down periodical fire with their plasma pistols, but they lack both the speed and fire rate to make a serious threat besides their numbers.

Similarly the Attack Ship encountered on the same planet do not pose the threat their appearance portrays to be, as even if they can lay down a practically endless stream of fire, it is easily dodged by jumping or avoided by taking cover. Nor is it capable to stand up to continuous Nitro Launcher or Shock Blaster fire.

The Saucer appears to be quite mobile, but in effect only uses this to get into position instead of dodging enemy fire. They often appear from beneath bridges or fly in over walls, making them sometimes unpredictable. They can also teleport in one-eyed tyhrranoids, but being damage interrupts and stops the process. Ultimately they are both easy to dodge and destroy, as they lack both the armor, damage and mobility to withstand a small number of well-placed shots.

The Mecha-Tyhhrranoid is in its earliest green-armored instance a weak enemy that is easily taken down, simply keep wary of their beams that travel along the ground. The upgraded Ultra-Mecha Tyhrranoid is a much more dangerous version, as its beams can reach noticeably longer distances, including flying enemies such as Hoverships, and has more armor, requiring stronger weaponry to take down. They have one fatal flaw, as their beams cannot pierce the shield of the Refractor, allowing any user of said gadget to simply direct their own beam back at them or other targets.


  • In Secret Agent Clank, statues of two-eyed tyhrranoids appeared in the Boltaire Museum, they are depicted as running away from a Zeus-like Robot.
  • In Full Frontal Assault, the Tyhrranoid multiplayer skin was a two-eyed tyhrranoid.