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Turrets are mounted cannons that appear throughout the Ratchet & Clank series. Many turrets are used by enemies, though Ratchet can also use them himself, often after defeating the enemy previously occupying it.


Ratchet & Clank

The Fort Krontos turret and the Plumber.

The first turret was seen and used on Fort Krontos, Batalia. Blarg were attacking the fortress city using blarg destroyers, and Ratchet "volunteered" to destroy them at the behest of the Commando. Upon reaching the turret platform, he and Clank ran into the Plumber, who was doing maintenance on it. He was reluctant to allow Ratchet to use it, but was convinced by Ratchet to let him try.[1]

He later used a few turrets at the Blarg Depot on planet Gaspar, where he had to use them to destroy thick metal gates that were blocking his path in the mission "Find the Pilot's Helmet".

Going Commando

Ratchet manning a turret at the Thug HQ.

On Joba, during "Enter the Megacorp Games", several of the Joba tribesmen made use of turrets along the way to the Megacorp Games. Ratchet defeated the tribesmen occupying them and used them to defeat other tribesmen, with the turret providing protection.

In "Rescue Angela" on Snivelak, Ratchet used the turrets on the roofs of the Thug HQ fortress to destroy the Giganto-Mech, defeating the Thug Leader.

Up Your Arsenal

Ratchet first manned a turret during the Galactic Rangers operation on Marcadia, Operation: IRON SHIELD. In "Turret Command", Ratchet used the plasma turret to destroy the tyhrranoid dropships attacking the presidential palace. Then, in the subsequent mission "Under the Gun", Ratchet defend a group of Rangers that were repairing the turret. The Rangers manned this turret in the final mission of the operation, "Hit n' Run".

Skrunch used a turret mounted on the back of a turboslider during "Destroy the plasma cannon turrets" on Tyhrranosis.

On Metropolis, Ratchet manned a turret again for Operation: URBAN STORM in another mission named "Turret Command". Ratchet used the turret to destroy tyhrranoid saucers and dropships, completing the operation.

In the multiplayer mode, several maps contain turrets controllable by players.

Size Matters

Turrets did not appear throughout the singleplayer campaign of Size Matters. Instead they were only featured within the multiplayer maps, and only commonly on the PlayStation Portable version. The Moon Cow Disease map featured a single usable turret near the players' spawn point, and another further inland that was operated by a single pygmy tribesman. The Mega Cannons map's namesake mega cannons also functioned as giant oversized turrets.

Tools of Destruction

Space Pirate would use these in combat, though Ratchet could also use them. Clank also used the Aphelion's turret when in space combat on several occasions.

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Quest for Booty

Turrets would again be used by Space Pirates. Ratchet could also us them against his enemies or blast down doors. Hoolefar Island had a turret called the BS 33 Omegatron Defensive Station, which Ratchet used to destroy the turret cannons of Darkwater's flagship.

A Crack in Time

A turret in A Crack in Time

The Vullards made their own turrets that Agorian's used in some challenges in their Battleplex. Ratchet would use one to stop and Agorian invasion on planet Lumos by shooting down fifty Talons.

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Full Frontal Assault

The Combuster Turret

In Full Frontal Assault, turrets were used to defend bases. Turrets could be purchased with bolts in Multiplayer and Campaign. The turrets in the game were: the Warmonger Turret, the Pyro Turret, the Cryo Turret and the Combuster Turret. In Multiplayer, the turrets cost less than in Campaign. All turrets would do enough damage to defeat enemies.

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Into the Nexus

In Into the Nexus, turrets were used by Thugs, though Ratchet could use them to take down enemies and shoot down gates and other objects.