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The turboslider is a land vehicle in Up Your Arsenal. It is a buggy used by the Galactic Rangers for traversal of wide areas. Ratchet and Clank used the turboslider during various missions, and on Tyhrranosis, had Skrunch controlling its turret.

It is also available in several multiplayer maps where players can unlock the turboslider by taking control of nodes.


Sasha sends a turboslider.

Ratchet first used a turboslider on Korgon Base, Tyhrranosis, during "Destroy the plasma cannon turrets". After destroying the mortar cannons, Sasha Phyronix was able to send down a turboslider, with Skrunch manning the cannon, to help Ratchet destroy the four plasma cannon turrets set up around Korgon Base, before defeating the Momma Tyhrranoid.

Ratchet later used the turboslider during Operation: DEATH VALLEY in Outpost X12, Aridia. In "Assassination", the turboslider was used to help Ratchet seek and destroy each of the robonoid commanders, and in "Reclaim the Valley", the turboslider helped Ratchet get to each of the turrets to activate them and form a defensive perimeter.

In the crash site, Mylon, Ratchet used the turboslider during "Defeat the Biobliterator" to help him reach other hoverships parked around the site and pilot them against the Biobliterator.


The turboslider in action.

Turbosliders are lightly armored green buggies with two back wheels and a pair of skis replacing the front wheels. On the back is a mounted turret that fires repeating plasma shots, while the driver can sometimes also fire cannons at the front. They are very fast vehicles that can traverse over any terrain and easily evade enemy fire. In the multiplayer both the driver and gunner are obscured by a dark grey glass.

During most missions, the turboslider itself is not useful in combat, but is useful for providing utility to travel around the map more quickly. However, during "Destroy the plasma cannon turrets", with Skrunch manning the cannon, it is easy to use it to defeat the three-eyed tyhrranoids and to destroy one of the turrets without leaving the turboslider. In the multiplayer the driver and either only command the forward-facing guns, or switch to the turret and turn the turboslider into an immobile turret, if he has a passenger then the driver can keep driving and evading enemies, while the passenger takes control of the turret.

Behind the scenes

The turboslider was originally created for offroad racing that was going to feature in Up Your Arsenal, as a continuation of hoverboard racing in Ratchet & Clank and hoverbike racing in Up Your Arsenal, but was removed due to time constraints and the split resources for multiplayer.[1] The race tracks would have featured on Florana,[1] with the Refractor as a prize,[2] and one on Zeldrin, through with the nano-pak obtained as a prize.[3] Both races would have had skill points as well as a shortcut in an Special menu feature.[4][5]

The Florana race track would have begun inside a garage within a temple, that in the final game is just filled with crates, and would have been used to obtain the Refractor.[2] In two in-progress cutscenes present in earlier builds, Skidd McMarx would have participated in the offroad racing and given them the Refractor for winning.[6][7] In the final game, turbosliders are still present in the Florana map, but are inaccessible.[8] The race track for Florana was fully built, but no gameplay had been created.[1] It is still playable in the Insomniac Museum. The track takes place next to an ocean with a few streams, has huts and primitive buildings, and bumps and hills across the track.

When turboslider racing was cut, as the turboslider had already been completed for it, it ended up being reused on Tyhrranosis as it had been made for non-linear gameplay.[1]



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