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Tumfoids were small two-legged robots that were often found near Gelatonium plants. They were built by the managers of these plants to prevent workers from bouncing on the Gelatonium cubes, as the Tumfoid would promptly feast upon said cubes and discourage their silliness. However, on some occasions, these machines soon become a nuisance, since they would begin feast upon all the Gelatonium, requiring Fossermites to scare them away.[1]


The best way to have dealt with these Gel-hungry creatures was to give them their own cube to snack on, then to have quickly shot another one or two cubes for yourself while they were distracted. Another great strategy was to simply shoot them with the Gel to get them stuck inside the cubes for a short time. One strategy that took a while (but was the only way to permanently rid yourself of them) was to knock them into rivers of gel inside the plants with the wrench (or shoot them with gel cubes and free them with the wrench, as this caused them to fly back) and send them to the Gelatonium plant in the sky. Another much more easier way was to throw a Groovitron at them, they will immediately start dancing giving you time to lay down some Gelatonium.


Notes and references

  1. The Tourbot mentions this tidbit in the Museum in Meridian City.
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