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Traverse the wilderness is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. Clank decided on his own to further explore the Orxon wilderness after the mission "Search the laboratories". With the help of more Gadge-Bots, he was able to safely make it through and find the infobot for Pokitaru.


Directly from where you found the Magneboots, on top of a ledge close to the starting area, head for the green stretch of land that passes as a valley. A lone Gadge-Bot must be freed to accompany you. Up ahead is a larger field that is under constant bombardment by bombs, therefore you must be careful not to lose any Gadge-Bots. Five more bots can be found in the outer reaches, placed dangerously close to explosive crates. Again, be careful not to lose any, and be forced to retrieve them. After collecting all six, you must enter the building on the left side and make your way through a maze, dodging energy bolts that travel along predetermined and predictable paths.

Simply follow the ramps, as that is the only way for the Gadge-Bots to reach the higher levels, patiently waiting for the energy bolts to pass. At the end, follow along a walkway over deadly acid, and send your bots into a bot port at the end. The next area is quite large and populated by a rather large amount of toxic crabs and alien swarmers. Free any nearby Gadge-Bots and command them to take out any enemies you see, repeatedly returning to their spawning point to retrieve new bots. As these enemies cannot respawn, you will eventually win in a war of attrition.

Once cleared, command your ten bots to enter the final bot port, opening a gate and activating a large cannon that will destroy two blarg saucers and part of the wall. Grab the infobot at the end, and return to the starting area with the help of the newly opened shortcut.

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