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Traverse the Warehouse is a mission Going Commando taking place in the distribution facility, Smolg. While searching the Distribution Facility, from the platform where Ratchet and Clank landed their ship, a jump pad took them to a warehouse filled with Protopet crates, prompting them to investigate it.

This mission is concurrent with "Search the Distribution Facility", occurring during the mission as the first path. A platinum bolt can be found during this mission.


No new weapons are available at the Megacorp vendor. If not already purchased, the Plasma Coil is by far the best weapon against the enemies here, and due to the melee focus of most enemies, consider purchasing the Shield Charger if you have not already.

During the mission, you will encounter the two enemy types here: the grulch, and the two-headed Smolgian snappers. Both of these are melee enemies, with the latter being rather durable, and capable of significant melee damage if allowed to get close, often appearing in large numbers, meaning to overwhelm you. The Plasma Coil, or alternatively the Minirocket Tube or Bouncer, are useful against both enemy types, and the Shield Charger and Synthenoids can offer defense if needed. The grulches can also be killed by running into them with the Shield Charger activated. Many grulches are spawned from spawners, which must be destroyed first.

This mission is begun by taking the left path from the landing pad and using the jump pad to reach the warehouse. An electrified force field on the right blocks your path forward; stand on the switch to open it, kill the snapper, and then head left. Down left you will reach a small area with three crates, two on the right containing snappers, and one left that can be reached with the Heli-Pack to carry on further. From here, head across the path until you reach an area below, with several force fields containing enemies surrounding it, and a single switch in the middle. Stand on the switch and fight all the enemies that appear, then follow the path further inside the warehouse.

The next area is more open, based around a stack of crates in the center, with enemies around it. Defeat the enemies and head left to the conveyor belt with a box on it; stand on the box and use the Dynamo to start moving the conveyor belt, and then jump to the central stack of crates, kill the grulches and then Heli-Pack to reach inside the hollow container held by a crane. Use the Dynamo to activate the crane, which will move the container left, then Heli-Pack across again to reach the top of a stack of crates with a platform on top. Stand on the platform and use the Dynamo to activate the crane lifting it up to the top of the stack of crates behind it.

Jump forward and head along the path, and kill the snappers and grulches that appear from the crates in front until the path forward is open. Behind this is a conveyor belt with a platform on it and two Dynamo activators. Stand on the platform on the left and use the Dynamo to move the conveyor belt, then when it reaches the end, use the Dynamo again to activate a crane and pull the platform up, then head forward at the top and use the Electrolyzer to reactivate the elevator in front. Take the elevator up to a balcony, where a cutscene will commence.

Although "Traverse the Warehouse" is complete at this point, "Search the Distribution Facility" continues on the next path.

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