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Trophy: Abby Normal
Collect every telepathopus brain Gold

Trade brains for bolts is an optional mission in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game) taking place in the Blarg Research Outpost on planet Gaspar. After Ratchet and Clank gave the Brain Scientist 30 telepathopus brains in exchange for an XK-81 Jetpack and an infobot to Batalia, he offered them bolts in exchange for any more brains they brought him. Once they gave him all 60, he gave them a Box Breaker. Subsequent completions of this mission in Challenge Mode will award them 10 Raritanium.

Collecting all telepathopus brains unlocks the gold trophy Abby Normal.


After trading in 20 brains, there are 60 remaining brains on the planet. You can collect brains at any time throughout the story, such as when saving for powerful weapons like the Warmonger or Glove of Doom, and it is advisable to leave the planet with at least 28,000 bolts so you can purchase the Warmonger on Batalia. However, it is ultimately best to return and complete the planet after acquiring the Map-o-Matic from Kalebo III. By this point, you should have bought more powerful weapons, and your weapons should be upgraded with Raritanium to make them more deadly against the enemies here, allowing you to survive longer.

As before, brains are found in egg sacks scattered throughout islands, or in live telepathopuses found near islands or caught in traps. A large group of brains are locked away in underground caves, accessible only by reaching a platform with blarg troopers on the far north of the map with a bolt crank, defeating the troopers and those operating the turrets, then turning the bolt crank to descend below to the cave. Passing through the cave and obtaining the brains, it can only be exited on the other end by unlocking the tripad lock by flying up to the red buttons and stepping on them to unlock the forcefield above and allow you to leave. While you are exploring Gaspar for brains, there are also four gold bolts and one RYNO holocard located here, which the Map-o-Matic will point you towards.

When all brains are collected, the Brain Scientist will give you a Box Breaker, an optional item that breaks all nearby crates when you perform a hyper-strike.

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