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Trophy: Braaaaaaaaaaaains
Collect 30 brains for the Brain Scientist on Gaspar. Bronze

Trade 20 brains for an infobot is a mission in Ratchet & Clank (2016 game) taking place in the Blarg Research Outpost on planet Gaspar. After Ratchet and Clank obtained an XK-81 Jetpack from the Brain Scientist in exchange for ten telepathopus brains, he offered them an infobot if they brought him 20 more brains. The two obliged, as the infobot could contain clues for Drek's plan. As they suspected, it did, giving them plans for Drek's attack on Batalia.

Completing this mission after completing the previous mission will earn the bronze trophy Braaaaaaaaaaaains.


With the Jetpack equipped, the entire planet opens up to you. After standing on a green fuel pad, hold L1 to rise with the Jetpack, release it to slowly lower, and refuel often at fuel pads. You can then raise in the air and explore the other islands on the planet at will to search for more brains. Before you begin your search, refill weapons and ammo at the Gadgetron vendor and use any Raritanium to buy upgrades. Though the Plasma Striker is useful, do not prioritize purchasing it now, as you want to save bolts for a weapon found on Batalia. However, earning brains here can provide a significant number of bolts.

From your starting position, good places to start looking for brains are either on the islands to the right of where the Blarg Scientist is located, or ahead in front of him where you first found brains while stationary. Either way, traveling to an island will likely put you in combat against a telepathopus and several enemies on the ground, such as sandsharks, alien swarmers, alien snappers, alien spitters, toxic crabs, darters, blarg troopers, blarg armored transports, or warbots. Ensure you defeat these enemies first (and in the case of sandsharks, destroy their nests) using weapons such as the Proton Drum, Pyrocitor, or Mr. Zurkon, while you obtain any of the stationary brains in egg sacks or fight the telepathopus. Telepathopuses are minibosses found in the lava near the islands, and must can be engaged in combat while flying with the Jetpack or on ground nearby. At this stage, your best weapons against them are the Fusion Grenade, Plasma Striker, Pixelizer, or Predator Launcher. Make sure to dodge their energy blasts and avoid any of the hazards on the ground.

Several telepathopus brains may be hidden away on top of towers, while other telepathopuses may be caught in traps and locked behind tripads requiring you to step on three red buttons before they will appear. Try to miss as few telepathopus brains as possible, until you don't see anymore on an island, then move onto the next. You will sometimes find large metallic platforms containing blarg, and on a few of these, turrets can be operated; defeat the blarg using these turrets, and they can be used to great effect against telepathopuses.

Once you have 20 brains, an icon points you to return to the Brain Scientist. Return to him to give him the brains and you will receive an infobot to planet Batalia, where the next story mission "Travel to the Fort" begins. There are also 60 brains remaining on the planet, covered in the mission "Trade brains for bolts". Before you leave, it is a good idea to ensure you have at least 28,000 bolts from trading brains. While you can choose to obtain all 60 remaining brains also, be advised that your firepower is relatively weak, and that it is difficult to find all brains, the four gold bolts, or the RYNO holocard without the Map-o-Matic found on Kalebo III later in the game. Therefore, you may wish to finish the rest of the brains later, and only collect enough bolts for now. A good idea is to obtain around 25 more brains to have a good amount of bolts moving forward before leaving, and return to the planet later.

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