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Torren IV was a planet in the Polaris Galaxy.[1] It was once the home of the Fongoids, who had inhabited a city in the Molonoth Fields. This was also where Ratchet and Alister Azimuth met for the first time. Like Lumos, it is a large, arid, desert planet. After the Fongoids left thousands of years ago, the Vullards mined for resources in the Fongoid Factory. This planet was a big base for Vullard operations. The planet was dotted with junk after the Fongoids left which of course gave the Vullards a big reason to settle there.

Torren IV was located in the Vela Sector.[2]


A Crack in Time

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After hearing about Alister Azimuth from Lord Vorselon, Ratchet travelled to Torren IV in order to to find him. After landing in Molonoth Fields, Ratchet would have to find his way to the Hollow in order to access Volgram Pass where Azimuth lived.

Clank would later fix the time anamolies on the planet through the Torren IV Planet Room in the Great Clock.

Rift Apart

Ratchet and Clank arrive in Torren IV through a dimensional rift, and land on a dragon that takes them through the planet.


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