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Generate the awsome power of nature at the touch of a button! When these raging tornadoes are unleashed, they sweep up objects and enemies as if they were toys. Move the Wireless Controller to steer them into the path of your foes.

Survival Guide Weapon Description, ToD

The Tornado Launcher is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Tools of Destruction, Quest for Booty and Before the Nexus. It fires a razor disk that generates a tornado above it, can pick up enemies, bolts and debris.

The Tornado Launcher can be upgraded to the Tempest Launcher with use, which strikes enemies with lightning from its tornado. In Tools of Destruction, it can be further upgraded in challenge mode to the Omega Tempest Launcher.


Tools of Destruction

The Tornado Launcher could first be acquired on Cobalia for 40,000 bolts. It could be modified with raritanium, with the ultimate upgrade being the Gyro-Turbine, which caused tornadoes to last longer. With use, it could be upgraded to the Tempest Launcher, which unleashed ravaging storms rated F6 on the Fujita Scale. Upon reaching challenge mode, the Omega Tempest Launcher could be purchased for 5,000,000 bolts.

Quest for Booty

Ratchet began with the Tornado Launcher at V3, but it was lost in the Azorean Sea after Sprocket fired him to Hoolefar Island. It was later retrieved from Mayor Worley along with the Shock Ravager when returning to defend the island. The Tornado Launcher could also be upgraded to the Tempest Launcher.

The Gyro-Turbine was also available, but had to be located in Darkwater Cove. To retrieve it, Ratchet had to head up the path that led to the Angstrom's Tune minigame all the way to the spring pad, jump up on top of the net to the left and across some platforms to then obtain the upgrade.

Before the Nexus

The Tornado Launcher appeared as a gadget. Once purchased, it could be used any time during a run, and could be upgraded twice.


The Tornado Launcher is a purple and black carbine which holds a large disc. The disc then generates a miniature tornado, and steer where Ratchet steers it, collecting debris, bolts and enemies. The Tempest Launcher is a much larger, bulkier carbine with red highlights.


The Tornado Launcher fires a disc generating a tornado, whichcan be controlled using the SIXAXIS to steer its movement. It when then deal damage to enemies, and pull in more heavily damaged enemies into the tornado, which, along with bolts and debris collected, will be dispersed when it is exhausted. Due to its area of effect, it is best used against clumps of enemies, but can prove particularly useful in breaking up mobs of enemies and dispersing them. Players can also choose to use it in conjunction with other weapons, damaging enemies from multiple sources. It is weaker against single targets.

In Tools of Destruction, the Tornado Launcher can be upgraded with raritanium to increase the number of bolts and raritanium earned from enemies defeated with it, its area of effect, and its damage. As the Tornado Launcher is likely to be one of multiple sources of damage, players may choose to upgrade the raritanium and bolts earned, though improving its damage can make it more powerful. The Gyro-Turbine special upgrade allows its tornadoes to last longer, which is a flat upgrade that should be aimed for. When upgraded to the Tempest Launcher with use, the Tempest Launcher also strikes enemies nearby with lightning, which improves its effectiveness as a secondary source of damage.