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The Topiary Sprinkler is a weapon in Rift Apart. It is a glove that can plant small gun turrets that target and fire blasts of water at enemies automatically. The water blasts from the gun turn them into topiary, which temporarily locks them in place.

The Topiary Sprinkler can be purchased from Ms. Zurkon early on in Outpost L51, Sargasso, for 4,000 bolts. With use, it upgrades to the Toxiary Sprinkler at level 5. In challenge mode, the Omega Toxiary Sprinkler can be purchased for 75,000 bolts.


The Topiary Sprinkler is a wrist-mounted yellow and green launcher. It features a muzzle on the end from which the turrets are fired in a small sphere. The turrets themselves appear as a small sphere, which then deploys into a full-sized turret and immediately aim for enemies. They are small, yellow and dark blue weapons with a single barrel.


The Topiary Sprinkler in action.

The Topiary Sprinkler turrets, when thrown, target any enemy within range on their own and fire at them. Multiple turrets can be thrown at once. Throwing the Topiary Sprinkler at an enemy will instantly turn them into topiary, before then deploying a turret next to them. The weapon's ability to lock enemies in place makes it an extremely potent and strategic weapon. In particular, is strong against certain bosses, such as grunthors, which primarily use melee attacks, allowing Ratchet or Rivet to freeze them in order to plan around them, defeat smaller enemies so that they can be focused on next, or prevent them pulling off powerful attacks.

Due to the utility of the weapon and its unique functionality allowing it to remain useful throughout the game, the raritanium upgrades for the Topiary Sprinkler should be priorities. Most of these improve its existing capabilities while not fundamentally changing the weapon. The bonus upgrade for the weapon, Health On Death, does enhance its utility further in granting Ratchet or Rivet much-needed durability during difficult battles, but fundamentally, the weapon will still be used the same way.

With use, the Topiary Sprinker upgrades to the Toxiary Sprinkler, an upgrade that gives the weapon the ability to deal constant damage to enemies that are enshrubbed, although the damage dealt to enemies is rather minimal and only finds use against small enemies. Unlike other weapons in the game, the Topiary Sprinkler remains useful throughout, as it can be used against any enemy or boss in the game. Though not a silver bullet that can resolve every situation, it proves valuable even during the final boss. Though the Cold Snap serves a vaguely similar role in being able to strategically freeze some enemies in place, the Cold Snap has a distinct role and must be fired by Ratchet or Rivet, rather than working autonomously; as such, it does not obsolete the Topiary Sprinkler.

The Topiary Sprinkler is required for the bronze trophy "Extreme Gardening", wherein the player must defeat 30 enemies that are held in place with the Topiary Sprinkler.