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Armor was a type of collectible equipment featured in Tools of Destruction. Ratchet could purchase sets of armor with bolts from Grummel Net Industries armor vendors on various planets unlocked through story progression.

Armor Damage reduction Price Available at Vendor description
Blackstar armor 25% 30,000 Cobalia Designed by Captain Blackstar himself, this amazing armor uses biostatic nanomytes to absorb up to 25% of all damage. The finest in affordable anti-mutiny defense wear!
Helios armor 40% 100,000 Rykan V Engineered by the Kerchu Phalanxes of Planet Jasindu, this powerful armor boasts three layers of cryofoam and duraplate omniguards for added protection. Absorbs up to 40% of all damage!
Terraflux armor 55% 300,000 Reepor Used by Elite Cragmite Assassins during the Great War, this historical armor contains triple-stitched Werthog scales plated with durable raritanium! Absorbing up to 55% of all damage, Terraflux is a must-have for experienced warriors looking to conquer the universe!
Trillium armor 65% 10,000,000 Challenge Mode Engineered at the Center for Advanced Lombax Research, this revolutionary armor contains a bionic endoskeleton galvanized with trillium ore! The most effective armor the galaxy has ever seen, it will absorb an amazing 65% of all damage!


Behind the scenes

Trillium armor appeared as a skin for Ratchet in PlayStation Move Heroes.