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The Tombli Outpost, originally known as the Klunk Memorial Work Camp and Day Spa, was a facility on planet Zanifar that was built by the Fongoids in their Tobalia village, forced to do so under the brainwashing of Dr. Nefarious.


After being defeated by Ratchet, Clank and Captain Qwark in the Solana Galaxy, Dr. Nefarious and his servant Lawrence arrived in the Polaris Galaxy drifting on an asteroid, crashlanding on Zanifar. They took refuge on this planet amongst the local Fongoid tribesmen, through whom Nefarious learned of the existence of the Zoni and the Great Clock after traveling briefly to Quantos. It was then that the Doctor secretly plotted to take control of the space-time continuum.

On Zanifar, as the Fongoids were in the middle of celebrating Spring Break, Dr. Nefarious somehow brainwashed them into building a base of operations for him in their village from their natural resources. The base was to be named in honor of Klunk, the Doctor's robotic minion built to serve as a doppelgänger of Clank who had been defeated in Metropolis. Not knowing that Klunk had in fact survived, Nefarious moved to call his new base the "Klunk Memorial Work Camp and Day Spa." Klunk's lawyers; however, prevented this from occurring.[1]

Nefarious then named his base the Tombli Outpost. This was his headquarters until the Nefarious Space Station was complete. While the brainwashed Fongoids used their labor and resources to aid the station's completion, the CEO of Pollyx Industries signed a contract with the Doctor and had his company construct it. While this was going on, Nefarious planned to lure the Zoni into a false alliance so that he could access the Orvus Chamber in the Great Clock. He started by contacting their leader, Orvus, who was a fellow scientist.

The interrogation of Orvus

Orvus was tricked by the Doctor's reaching-out in 'friendship' and arrived at the Tombli Outpost to speak with him. He was promptly imprisoned within to fortress and subject to interrogation at the hands of Pollyx and Dr. Nefarious's Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler.


Notes and references

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