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Clank nearing the Jasindu Planet Room

The Time fixing mini-game was a gameplay mechanic found in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. It was found in the Great Clock that Clank explored. During the game, Clank encountered Planet Rooms that were representations of planets around the universe. These planets were affected by the Time Crisis, and were host to many time anomalies. Clank had to use his Chronoscepter to fix these planets by neutralizing the time anomalies.

Clank could first play the game at Sector 3 of the Great Clock Planet Rooms could also be found in Sector One and Sector Four, but could only be played when returning to the sectors.

Sometimes, if Clank fixed time on a planet that was playable in A Crack in Time, the player could return to the planet as Ratchet and there would be gold bolts that were previously unable to be collected (because a time anomaly had struck them). Returning to the planet would also result in witness a lack of time anomalies that would otherwise have been there if Clank had not fixed them.


Clank fixed time in the game with his Chronoscepter beam. There were four kinds of time anomalies:

  • Blue - fixed
  • Yellow - broken
  • Orange - moderately broken
  • Red - critically broken.

Critically broken beams will eventually break into two yellow anomalies.

Around the planet, there were also Seekers, which were objects that would rebreak fixed anomalies when they touched the anomaly. Clank had to neutralise the seekers as quick as possible. If Clank beamed at fixed time anomalies, they would rebreak as well.


Power-ups could also be found floating around the planet, and Clank would have to beam at them, in the same manner of time anomalies, to use them.

  • Smart Bomb Power-Up - Unleashed a wave of energy that would fix nearby anomalies or destroy nearby seekers.
  • Energize Power-Up - Allowed Clank's beam to fix anomalies twice as fast.
  • Slow Time Power-Up] - Slowed time across the planet.


List of planets in the mini-game:

Skill point

The player would get a skill point called "Master of Time" if the player reached the level 30 in the game.


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