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Clank nearing the Jasindu Planet Room

Planet Rooms are recurring locations throughout the Great Clock in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time. They contain numerous miniatures of all the planets in the cosmos and their purpose is to be able to observe and protect the planets from temporal anomalies, which can do immeasurable damage to the universe if left unchecked.

Clank interacts with six planet miniatures in a small repair minigame. In some cases, these planets are visited by Ratchet, who can experience the affects of the anomalies first-hand, as well as the results of Clank repairing them

Repair Minigame

In order to repair time anomalies, Clank must zap them with his Chrono Scepter, which will gradually stabilize them. Once all anomalies have been successfully stabilized, the planet will be repaired and Clank will be awarded with a payout of Bolts, as well as some extra goodies from the optional planets. The level of stability can be observed by looking at the colour of the anomalies:

  • Blue Single - Stable
  • Yellow Single - Mildly Unstable
  • Orange Double - Moderately Unstable
  • Red Triple - Critically Unstable

The anomalies will gradually become more unstable the longer they are left unchecked. If a Critical Anomaly is left unchecked for too long, it will split into two Mild Anomalies, increasing the necessary workload. Additionally, if a player fires their beam at a Stabilized Anomaly, it can become unstable once again, so care must be taken. Purple "Rift Seeker" objects will appear occasionally and can accelerate the destabilization process by colliding with anomalies on the miniature. They can be destroyed by shooting them with the beam.


Power-ups appear periodically as the player works on fixing the anomalies, and must be shot with the beam to activate.

  • Smart Bomb - They will release a circular wave of energy that destroys Seekers and will stabilize any anomalies within the blast radius by one level.
  • Energizer - These double the power of the beam, making anomalies stabilize twice as fast.
  • Slow Down - Reduces the speed of all entities on the miniature.


List of planets in the mini-game:

Skill point

The player may return to any planet that has already been repaired to enter an endless mode where they can compete in continuously more difficult levels of the minigame. Upon beating Level 30, they will be awarded with the Master of Time Skill Point.