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Ratchet standing next to a Time Portal on Zanifar

Time Portals were portals of time leading to the past or future. Time Portals were first used when Ratchet traveled two years into the past on planet Zanifar to find out what happened to Orvus, and again on Morklon to win the Battle of Gimlick Valley.


  • There is a Plot Hole to why Ratchet & Clank couldn't have just used a Time Portal to go back to the Great War. It is possible it was too far back and if they undid such events it would cause a Paradox.
  • There is an another plot hole with GrummelNet vendors in the past (Morklon). The vendors look exactly the same as in present time (In Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, the vendors were red and white, while in A Crack in Time they are gold and white, which means that the vendors maybe changed their design during the past 2 years) and they sell same weapons and ammo, while 10 years ago the weapons most probably did not exist yet. This includes ammo crates that provide ammo for weapons not yet made.