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Two different Time Pads, each one with a recording

Time Pads were platforms which Clank used in the Great Clock to bypass some security programs.[1] Clank could perform several actions while he was on a Time Pad. Time pads could come in four different colors: blue, green, yellow, and red.


A Time Pad had the following options:

  • Record (starts recording an action)
  • Delete this recording (deletes the recording Clank has made on a single time pad)
  • Delete all recordings
  • Hint (gives Clank a hint on how to solve the current puzzle)
  • Skip puzzle (skips the current puzzle but it cost Clank the reward, bolts, and could prevent Clank to earn some skill points)
  • Exit (exits the Time Pad)


The Time Pads can be controlled by pressing and holding the Triangle button and then selecting an option with the left analog stick, like the Quick Select menu.

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