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Project File 1171-Z: the Time Bomb. Our sages discovered a specimen of this rare Zoni device in the Corvus Sector and have been studying it extensively. Each bomb appears to contain a finite amount of quantum energy, capable of inhibiting the passage of time. Unfortunately, our sages used the last of the samples to stop their mother-in-laws from coming home in time for the holidays. This setback was cataclysmic and the project has since been terminated.

Pollyx preview video accessed from menu, ACiT

A Time Bomb is a time-slowing gadget that can be thrown in A Crack in Time. It is Zoni technology used by Clank, both on his own and when reunited with Ratchet. Time Bombs are thrown by a Chronoscepter user, and create a large sphere of blue quantum energy which slow down anything inside the sphere, aside from Clank due to his temporal immunity. Only one Time Bomb can be active at a time due to the amount of quantum energy released.

Clank uses Time Bombs to slow down obstacles and attacking enemies on his own in the Great Clock, being able to use them from Sector Two onwards. When reunited with Ratchet, Clank can throw Time Bombs from Ratchet's back, and Time Bombs can be equipped like one of Ratchet's gadgets. Pollyx Industries were also developing their own based on Zoni technology, but terminated the project due to misuse by their sages.


As Clank, Time Bombs can be thrown using the L1 or Circle. They will then create a sphere of energy which will slow down everything inside except Clank. They become useful for crossing platforms that move too quickly to be traversed safely, or for slowing down enemies so Clank can hit them with the Chronoscepter.

As Ratchet, Time Bombs can be equipped and used much like any gadget, and is equipped with down on the Down. However, they are not required for any sections. As with Clank, Ratchet will also not be slowed inside a Time Bomb.

Behind the scenes

A Pollyx Industries preview video of the Time Bomb can be accessed from the inventory menu after defeating Cassiopeia.

During development, Time Bombs were originally planned to be Clank's special weapon in All 4 One, before the Zoni Blaster was introduced.[1]

Clank uses Time Bombs in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.