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No suave superspy is ready for the field without a tidy bowtie setting off a dapper suit. With the Tie-A-Rang; however, an Agency superspy can keep his most deadly weapon tucked right beneath his chin. Thrown Tie-A-Rangs contain rudimentary A.I.s that seek multiple targets as long as their servos continue to operate.

Weapon Description, SAC

The Tie-A-Rang is a weapon developed by the Agency in Secret Agent Clank. It is a boomerang-like weapon with two spinning blades disguised to look like a tie.

The Tie-A-Rang is immediately available to Clank in the Boltaire Museum. With use, it can be upgraded to the Whirlwind Throwtie, which once thrown splits off into four blades that hit multiple targets. In challenge mode, the Proto Tie-A-Rang can be purchased for 400,000 bolts.

Klunk had white Tie-A-Rangs.


Clank throwing the Tie-A-Rang

Tie-A-Rangs are small weapons in the shape of a black tie, which reveals two saw-blades within it when activated and thrown at enemies before ricocheting. Tie-A-Rangs contain rudimentary AIs that seek other targets after their first and ricochet around the room.


The Tie-A-Rang hits the first target, and then ricochets around the room to hit a few more to deal damage. This makes it particularly useful against mobs of small enemies, as it can clear rooms of small enemies quickly. It is also useful against medium-sized enemies and can be used to damage groups of enemies, as the Tie-A-Rangs will bounce between enemies several times. It is best used in enclosed spaces or against clumps of enemies to take advantage of its ricochets. Its versatility makes it useful in many situations.

The Tie-A-Rang can be upgraded to the Whirlwind Throwtie, which causes it to throw four Tie-A-Rings at once at enemies. This makes it even more useful against groups of small enemies, while still effective against large enemies, particularly in groups.

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