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Most umbrellas are used to hold the weather at bay. While there's nothing wrong with that, the Agency finds that controlling the weather turns out to be much more useful. The Thunderstorm Umbrella can channel powerful lightning strikes from its tip that leave any robot reeling.

Weapon Description, SAC

The ThunderStorm Umbrella is a weapon developed by the Agency in Secret Agent Clank. It is a lightning gun disguised as a small black umbrella that can charge powerful lightning strikes to be released from its tip at enemies.

The weapon can be purchased by Clank upon reaching Venantonio for 35,000 bolts. It can be upgraded up to the Lightning Rod at V4 with use, which uses the robotic users' own body as a lightning capacitor and stores energy in the metal of their chassis (and cannot be used by organic creatures). Two mods can be purchased for the weapon: the Xeno's capacitor mod for 100,000 bolts (which passes charges from the first enemy hit to nearby ones) and the thundercloud mod for 200,000 bolts (which launches a thundercloud at enemies when charged up long enough). The Proto Lightning Rod can be purchased in challenge mode.


The ThunderStorm Umbrella is charged up by holding the fire button, and fired at enemies by releasing it; only using up ammo if the enemy was hit. It has powerful strikes but relatively low damage and a long charge time, meaning it is most ideal against large or medium enemies, and more wasted against smaller ones.

Two mods can alleviate its weakness and make it more broadly useful. The Xeno's capacitor mod for 100,000 bolts allows a strike that hits an enemy to hit nearby enemies, and the thundercloud mod for 200,000 bolts allows it to release a thundercloud that can hit multiple enemies, or one enemy for longer. These mods make the weapon more broadly useful, though it should still be aimed at larger enemies. Upgrading the weapon to the Lightning Rod

Behind the scenes

The weapon is referred to as the Lightning Gun in the High Impact Games Treehouse.

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