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The Thugs-4-Less jamming array is a minor location in Going Commando, visited in "Destroy the signal transponders". It is a moon-sized jamming array towed by the Thugs-4-Less into the orbit of the Maktar Resort in the Maktar Nebula which disrupted the broadcast of the Galactic Gladiators.[1] Ratchet was tasked by Abercrombie Fizzwidget to disable it by destroying the six transponders. After searching for a way to reach it from the Maktar Resort, Ratchet found a space limo that transported him to it directly. After completing the task, Mr. Fizzwidget gave him coordinates to Barlow, suggesting that joining the Desert Riders would allow him to infiltrate the Thugs-4-Less.[2]

The jamming array is an artificial moon, and unlike the Maktar Resort, does not have breathable air. The moon is covered in a metal surface with some artificial rocks, and littered with small magma geysers and large radio towers used to jam arrays. The six transponders are tall pillars emitting a green light, which are connected with yellow glowing cables. Many of them are placed atop radio towers with a round surface and yellow trim, and some pillars use jump pads to reach high points and reach across gaps. One large gap in the array is filled with magma, with red pipes and a transponder on top, and floating platforms providing a bridge across. It is likely that the magma beneath the surface is used to generate power. Four flying satellites circle the array from a distance.

Behind the scenes

The jamming array level was designed by Colin Munson.[3]