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Thugs-4-Less attack ships[1] are enemies in Going Commando encountered in Canal City, Notak. They are Thugs-4-Less ships developed as successors to the Thug Flame Ship, and outfitted with a ranged flame attack, tinted windows, and a deluxe set of cup holders, in response to negative feedback.[1] They are red ships vaguely resembling Attack-Copters, with a large cockpit, two thrusters at the back, two large wings, and a long flamethrower nozzle at the bottom from which blasts of flame are fired. Ratchet and Clank encountered them during "Search Canal City for thief", "Investigate wharf area", and "Explore the Promenade".

Attack ships are very durable, and their flame attacks have long range and can deal considerable damage. They will fire a volley of four attacks, before pausing momentarily to fire another volley. However, their attacks are slow moving, easy to predict as they fire in one line, and can thus be dodged without difficulty. They will not move during or outside of combat, making them an easy target for the Pulse Rifle, or alternatively the Seeker Gun while you are dodging their attacks.

Behind the scenes

Thugs-4-Less attack ships were originally green.[2]