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Thugs-4-Less Carrier Ships[1] are enemy vehicles piloted by the Thugs-4-Less in Going Commando, encountered on planet Gorn. They are large, grey warships with slow movement and several laser cannons. Ratchet and Clank fought them in the Star Explorer during "Defeat the Thug Fleet", in which he had to destroy four while trying to find Angela Cross. Later, the two fought a ghost Carrier Ship in the challenge "Defeat the Ghost Ship", which was identical, but would phase in and out and was only vulnerable while phased in.

Carrier Ships are relatively slow targets, but getting too close to them can leave the Star Explorer vulnerable to fire both from their cannons, which deal heavy damage, and from the Thugs-4-Less fighters that accompany them. It is important to shake off fire and to attack from a safe distance. For the ghost ship, the best strategy is to attack it while it has phased in, and when it begins to phase out and go invisible, fly a distance away, and then turn back to make another run for when it becomes vulnerable again. Because of their size they are an easy target for all weapons, with the Torpedo Launcher being extra effective for its damage.


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