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The Thug Leader's mech is a boss in Going Commando fought in Lunar City, in Dobbo orbit. It is a giant mech suit piloted by the Thug Leader, who fought Giant Clank during "Defeat the Thug Leader", alongside Attack-Copters. The mech is as large as Giant Clank, with a humanoid shape. It has plate armor on most of its body, with the legs, arms and torso being colored a dark red. On its back are two dark, vestigial wings, and it has an open cockpit in place of a torso where the Thug Leader pilots it, which is covered by a large glass dome.

The Thug Leader's mech is the second of three times the Leader fought Ratchet and Clank. The first was when he fought them in his helicopter, while the last was when he fought them in a larger Giganto-Mech.


Giant Clank faces off against the Thug Leader in his mech.

During combat it equips an additional device on its front torso, which is now a nearly-black color, with tubes leading over the shoulders to its back, presumably it is this that allows it to charge and fire its bomb attack. Bomb attacks are telegraphed as the entire environment will be bathed in a bright red light, and it is only used while the mech is hovering through jets on the bottom of its feet. Lastly it is equipped with missile launchers on its wrists.