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The Thug Leader's helicopter, listed in the Monsterpedia as Thugs-4-Less Leader (Helicopter), is a boss in Going Commando, encountered in Megapolis on Endako. It is an unmodified model of the Attack-Copter used by the Thug Leader, which he used to fight Ratchet during the mission "Shoot down the Thugs-4-Less ship". It is a red helicopter with two long wings, from which machine guns are fitted at the end, electricity spheres fired from the top, and a missile launcher at the bottom below the cockpit. The cockpit is completely open, and nothing protects the Thug Leader.

During the Secret Agent Clank holo-film at the end of Up Your Arsenal, Maxmillian used an identical helicopter. Later, during Secret Agent Clank, the Thug Leader referenced the helicopter battle when confronting Ratchet in the Prison Planet.


Ratchet battles the Thug Leader in his helicopter on a rooftop in Megapolis.

Behind the scenes

Unused dialogue present in the final release features a slightly longer cutscene when confronting the Thug Leader in "Shoot down the Thugs-4-Less ship", in which Clank is always present, and the Thug Leader has two more lines.[1] In the game, this scene ends abruptly after the Thug Leader's only line, as it is possible to attempt this mission before rescuing Clank, meaning the scene would make no sense.