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The three-eyed tyhrranoid[1] was an enemy encountered in Up Your Arsenal. It is the primary shock troop of the tyhrranoids, often seen in groups to attack opponents or bar them from advancing. They have an orange-skinned stronger variant known as the three-eyed tyhrranoid V2.[2] Once Dr. Nefarious used his Biobliterator in Metropolis, the tyhrranoids were turned into robonoids, with the three-eyed tyhrranoid thus being known as three-eyed robonoid.[3]


Up Your Arsenal

Three-eyed tyhrranoids were first encountered by Ratchet and Clank in Capital City, on Marcadia, during the mission "Get to the palace". These tyhrranoids were of a higher ranking than their one-eyed and two-eyed counterparts. After reaching the presidential palace, they were then deployed to attack the presidential compound from tyhrranoid dropships during Operation: IRON SHIELD, though Ratchet and the Galactic Rangers fought them off.

The three-eyed tyhrranoids then served as the primary infantry force of the tyhrranoids in every subsequent battle against them. In Blackwater City, Rilgar, during Operation: BLACK TIDE, the stronger V2 first appeared. Later, in Metropolis, Kerwan, they were converted to robonoids by the Biobliterator, even later the command center on Mylon was defended by a stronger version of three-eyed robonoids.


In Deadlocked a three-eyed robonoid is seen as a corpse during the Eviscerator's photoshoot.[citation needed]


Concept art of the Three-eyed tyhrranoid from Up Your Arsenal

The three-eyed tyhrranoid is medium-sized and equipped with a large gun with a big recoil that fires a series of blasts. They will fire in Ratchet's direction, aiming first at the ground, and then leading upwards due to the recoil, with the final shots going astray entirely. After firing, they then taunt their enemy, making them vulnerable to counter-attacks. After this, they will either fire again, duck for cover, or move to another position.

The three-eyed tyhrranoids resemble the one-eyed tyhrranoids slightly, having a much taller body with a mouth on the torso while retaining the blue skin. The three-eyed tyhrranoid V2 variants had orange skin and were equipped with Gravity Boots to scale up metal surfaces. Their robonoid and subsequent counterparts are much more resilient than the organic variant, and can deal more damage. Three-eyed robonoid armor is mostly green and brown, with orange eyes, whereas the improved V2 version are entirely silver, with green eyes.


Ratchet sniping a three-eyed tyhrranoid with the Flux Rifle.

The three-eyed tyhrranoid is more powerful than their one and two-eyed counterparts, but not as powerful as the four-eyed tyhrranoid or the ultra mecha-tyhrranoid. Since they attack in groups, it is best to maintain distance since as to not get hit by their attacks. Their recoil time also allows enough time for a quick dodge, before the last blasts aim for Ratchet. Their following taunts would leave them vulnerable, allowing any ranged weapon to be used. Early on they are easily defeated with a charged Shock Blaster attack, whereas the N60 Storm is useful against lone targets, with the Nitro Launcher being strong against groups.

Sometimes if they are being dropped from a tyhrranoid dropship, Ratchet can destroy the dropship before the tyhrranoids even spawn. This is best done with weapons such as the Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun.


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