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The Three-Eyed Tyhrranoid was a type of Tyhrranoid encountered in Up Your Arsenal. This type of tyhrranoid was considered the primary shock troop of the Tyhrranoids, often seen in groups to attack opponents and bar them from advancing. Once Nefarious activated his Biobliterator in Metropolis the tyhrranoids were turned into robonoids, with the one-eyed tyhrranoid and its V2 version thus being known as three-eyed robonoid and three-eyed robonoid V2, respectively.


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First encountered on Marcadia, these tyhrranoids were more intelligent than their one-eyed counterparts. They were seen jumping out of ships in groups in order to invade the Capital City. A stronger variant, the three-eyed tyhrranoid V2 replaces the normal version on planet Rilgar and onwards. On Kerwan they are later seen converted into robonoids by the Biobliterator, causing them to become more intelligent and lethal. Their final version, the robonoid V2 is encountered at the command center on planet Mylon.


In Deadlocked a Three-Eyed Robonoid is seen as a corpse during the Eviscerator's photoshoot.


The three-eyed tyhrranoid was medium-sized and equipped with a large gun with a big recoil that would fire a pulsing blasts. The first blast would always hit the ground, before the following rounds would be in range of Ratchet. After firing, they would duck for cover or move to another position. They would taunt Ratchet after an attack, making them vulnerable to a counter-attack. The three-eyed tyhrranoids resemble the one-eyed tyhrranoids slightly, having a much longer body with a mouth on the torso while retaining the blue skin. The three-eyed tyhrranoid V2 variants had a red skin and were equipped with Gravity Boots to scale up metal surfaces. Their robonoid and subsequent counterparts, the three-eyed robonoid V2 were much more intelligent and less vulnerable than the organic variant. Their armor was silver, while their eyes were green.


The three-eyed tyhrranoid is more powerful than their one and two eyed counterparts, but not as powerful as the Four-Eyed Tyhrranoid. Since they attack in groups, it's best to maintain distance since as to not get hit by their pulsating blasts. They can be taken out using long-range weapons such as the N60 Storm or the Nitro Launcher. Their recoil time also allows enough time for a quick dodge, before the last blasts aim for Ratchet. Their following taunts would leave them vulnerable, allowing any ranged weapon to be used.

Sometimes if they drop from a dropship, Ratchet can destroy the ship before the tyhrranoids fall out.