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Go to planet Thram! I'll meet you there!

Thram is a swamp planet in the haunted Polaris Galaxy's Zarkov Sector, Thram resided on Zarkov Sector's northwest border, with the Praxus Sector to the north and Cerullean Sector to its west. It was located north of planet Silox and west of planet Kragg in the Zarkov Sector, and located east from the Asteroid Belt in the Cerullean Sector and southwest of planet Igliak in the Praxus Sector.


Prog problems and the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship Crash

During Vendra Prog's ambitious plot to bring the Netherverse into Ratchet's and Clank's universe, her brother Neftin Prog would set up a small hideout on the planet in the Hagrow Swamplands, where they would plot Ratchet's death.

Following his sister arrest, he and Thugs-4-Less launched a daring rescue mission against the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship to free her Vendra, resulting in the ship being blasted across the Polaris Galaxy. Several chunks of the vessel, including a Gadgetron vault holding The Plumber landed in Hagrow Swamplands, where he remained trapped inside. A large Thugs-4-Less Gunship alos crashed close to the area where the Nebulox landed.

Search for Neftin Prog

Ratchet and Clank were later ordered by Neftin Prog to meet him in Thram in the Hagrow Swamplands, while he distracted Mr. Eye from killing the duo while they made their escape of Weeblesnog City of planet Silox following the full release of the nethers into their universe. He insisted they would discuss a plan to free Vendra Prog from the Netherverse, who in turn would help put an end to the Nether threat.

Ratchet and Clank later arrived in the Hagrow Swamplands of Thram, where they encountered the Smuggler. The swamps terrain made it difficult to travel by foot alone, and the Smuggler offered to give them Hoverboots (Hoverboots that actually belonged to Ratchet that he somehow found among the space debirs) in return for some gargathon horns. He also noted the Gadgetron vault, and informed Ratchet and Clank that the keys to said vault were located somewhere in the swamp. The duo agreed, and they collected several from gargathons within the swamp. As agreed, he gave them the Jet Boots as promised, and offered to activate a refueling station for the GrummelNet Jetpack.

Obtaining the RYNO

Later, Ratchet returned after having collected all of the pieces of the RYNO VII's Holo-plan, after then collecting all of the gargathon horns in the Hagrow Swampland and giving them to the Smuggler, the Gadgetron vault that The Plumber was inside was opened, and in return for being freed The Plumber built the RYNO VII for Ratchet.