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What appear to be ordinary sunglasses are actually Gadgetron's latest development in clandestine intelligence detection. They enable the wearer to see secret messages, missives that are normally phase-shifted into frequencies beyond even the visible ranges of robots with the most advanced optical circuits.

Gadget Description, SAC

The Therm-Optic Shades are an optional gadget in Secret Agent Clank. They are a pair of glasses that Clank acquires, and can be used to scan Alien Codes scattered throughout the game. Three Alien Codes are found on each level Clank visits (with the exception of Klunk's Lair on Hydrano and special missions). Once all are found, the player receives coordinates to the High Impact Games Treehouse.

The Therm-Optic Shades are obtained after completing Secret Agent Clank, at which point Clank can scan for Alien Codes.

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