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The Kingpin was a robotic suit or shell created by Klunk on the planet Jorsey. Klunk used the Kingpin suit to threaten a scientist into making him a laser, to shade his identity, and to battle Secret Agent Clank. It was first thought that the Kingpin was an independent thinking robot who stole the Eye of Infinity and was using it to power a laser, until Clank found out Klunk was behind it all at the Spaceship Graveyard. During the final battle between Clank and Klunk, Klunk would sometimes jump into the Kingpin suit, and attack Clank with his staff that could shoot waves of fire and create tornados around himself. Klunk also used the Kingpin as the puppet leader of his criminal empire so that people would not know that it was him behind it.


The Kingpin suit resembled a large and tough robot, wearing a brown pin-stripe suit with a gold tie. He wore a fedora hat over his head. He had a gray face and always had a cigar in his mouth. He also carried a cane with a Razputin Fire Emerald on top. This cane also doubled as a flamethrower-like weapon, which could shoot waves of fire at his enemies. Klunk stated that the suit was a work of art.



The Kingpin suit was created by Klunk on a planet named Jorsey. The suit was created so Klunk could shade his true identity.

The Eye of Infinity case

On the day Ratchet and Clank celebrated their defeat over Emperor Otto Destruct, Klunk quit his job at a High Tech Toilet Manufacturing Company. Soon after, he mind controlled Ratchet to steal the Eye of Infinity, the largest Pristine Gem in the Solana Galaxy from the Boltaire Museum. By doing this, everyone thought Ratchet had stole the eye on purpose and he was thrown in jail. After that the Eye was taken to Number Woo, then to Ivana Lottabolts, then it was delivered to the Kingpin, which was controlled secretly by Klunk.

Chase on Rionosis

When the Eye of Infinity was stolen, Agent Clank was assigned on the case to secure the gem, find the theft, and prove that it was not truly Ratchet who stole the gem. Clank was led to Glaciara by Number Woo, and Rionosis by the Countess of Glaciara, Ivana Lottabolts. Ivana said the gem was being transported to the Kingpin of Rionosis by one of her clients. Clank quickly got to Rionosis. He was told by the agency that the Kingpin had just risen to popoularity and had an army of thugs at his disposal. Clank took out all the Kingpin's following henchbots and chased the Kingpin to the Gondola station. In the end Clank was slowed down by the Jack of All Trades, the Kingpin's personal bodyguard, giving the Kingpin enough time to escape.

Creating the Laser on Venantonio

Agent Clank was then sent to Venantonio by the Agency, to find out what the Kingpin was planning. As it turned out, the Kingpin had threatened a scientist to create a laser. Clank rescued the scientist. The scientist did admit that the laser was finished, and that he was just stalling the Kingpin, since he thought he would kill him when he was done. The Kingpin's forces then chased after Agent Clank. Agent Clank escaped safely with the scientist.

Gathering bolts at Fort Sprocket

The Kingpin made no appearance at Fort Sprocket, but his men were there, stealing bolts. In the end, the Kingpin had a large sum of money at his disposal.

Spaceship Graveyard

Clank finally tracked down the Kingpin at the Spaceship Graveyard. When Clank got to a room, he found the Kingpin suit and a reflection of himself. He soon spotted that this was no reflection, but Klunk who was copying Clank. Klunk got his men to capture Clank. Soon after he left, bringing the Kingpin suit with him. Clank escaped the graveyard after being seen by Klunk, and flew to his next destination, Hydrano, as Giant Clank.

The final confrontation

Soon Clank infiltrated Klunk's Underwater Base on Hydrano, and the two met face to face in battle. Clank learned that Klunk had created a laser with the Eye of Infinity, that he will soon disable after he destroys Clank, and then he will disguise as Clank and take the credit. During the battle Klunk jumped into a variety of suits that he had made, including the Kingpin suit. The first suit he used was actually the Kingpin suit. In battle the Kingpin used one weapon and had an ability. His weapon in battle was his cane, which could shoot waves of fire at Clank. He also had the ability to create a tornado around himself. The point of the tornado was to try and push Clank into the water that surrounded the battle area.

In the end, Clank won the battle and with a little bit of last minute help from Qwark and Cute Anastasia Bot, stopped the laser with the Eye of Infinity therein from destroying the galaxy.


  • If you used the Holo-Monocle on the Kingpin, either on Rionosis, the underwater base or the HIG Treehouse, it said that he was "either loved either not enough or entirely too much by his mother." Strangely, the Kingpin was a robotic shell and was created by Klunk which meant he had no mother. Since it has been known for the Holo-Monocle to state jokes, this was probably meant to be a joke. Also at the time of Rionosis, if it would have stated anything of Klunk or the Kingpin being controlled this would have been a plot spoiler. It could have been possible that by mother they could mean Klunk.
    • It may also refer to Courtney Gears as she was the only female that was involved with Klunk's creation.
  • It was revealed that the red point on top of the Kingpin's cane was a Razputin Fire Emerald by using the Holo-Monocle. It was probably this Emerald that shot out the waves of fire that the Kingpin shot at the last level.
  • The Kingpin is also a direct reference to Marvel Comics' Kingpin, as both are "kingpins" of crime. Both also wield a diamond-tipped weaponized cane.



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