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The Harbinger is Vox Industries' answer to its two biggest competitors: The Apocolator and the RYNO. Shellshock says, "Those two guns are like sissies. Weak sissies from the sissiest place in Sissyland." The Harbinger, on the other hand, is the final word in gratuitous destruction. One tap of the trigger and you will lay a path of devastation from here to the other end of the Shadow Sector

In-game description, DL

The Harbinger is a weapon manufactured by Vox Industries in Deadlocked. It is a devastating super weapon which launches a volley of small missiles that paint the ground with targeting lasers, after which orbital ion cannons will fire. It is the most powerful weapon in the game.

The Harbinger can be upgraded to the SuperNova with use, which causes meteors to land on the planet instead. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega SuperNova.

Aiming is Overrated trophy icon

Purchasing the Harbinger unlocks the gold trophy Aiming is Overrated for the PlayStation 3 re-release.


The Harbinger, facing toward an unsuspecting Dallas Wanamaker

The Harbinger was created by Vox Industries to compete with Gadgetron's R.Y.N.O. and an unseen weapon known as the Apocolator. It was used by Juanita Alvaro as an attempt to kill Dallas Wanamaker in an episode of Juanita and Dallas.

In Deadlocked, the Harbinger was made available once Ratchet reached the Liberator Tournament for 2,000,000 bolts. It could then be upgraded to the SuperNova with use. In challenge mode, the Mega SuperNova upgrade could be purchased for 3,000,000 bolts.


The Harbinger closed up while not in use

The Harbinger is a long, dark green weapon which contains six visible missiles in its barrel once its hatches are opened up. These missiles spray the ground with targeting lasers, at which a volley of orbital ion cannons fire, devastating the ground below.

The SuperNova is identical in appearance. Its missiles, however, summon meteors to land and deal even greater damage, leaving craters below.


The Harbinger is the most powerful weapon in the game, but it also has very limited ammo. When fired, it will simply destroy the vast majority of enemies on screen, making it effective against all enemies except bosses (on which ammo is wasted). As such, there is no strategy to using this weapon, though its limited ammo should not be wasted.

As the weapon upgrades, it can only unlock ammo mods, which plays to the strength of the weapon as there is no reason to equip it with any other alpha mods. There is also little reason to equip it with omega mods, as it deals more than enough damage on its own. Aside from this, upgrading the weapon just adds straight damage to it.

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