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The Arena, also known as the Battle Arena was an combat arena in Going Mobile, unlocked after completing the first part of the Battleland area. It features the same color scheme, with a predominantly brown, red, and orange color scheme, as well as several Ace Hardlight posters in each of the available challenges' arenas. Ratchet fought through all of the challenges, earning bolts, as well as the Boar-Zooka at the very end.

Unlike other arenas in the Ratchet & Clank series, the Arena does not feature waves, but simply drops the player in a specifically designed arena for each challenge, complete with a set of enemies. All enemies are identical to those appearing in other areas of the game, namely the Megacorp Chickenbot, explodo, patrol bot, and the automated turret. Several challenges introduce special conditions, such as only using a specific weapon, enforcing a no-hit rule, or introducing a toxic gas that slowly drains Ratchet's nanotech. The Arena is also the sole arena in the series in which bolt rewards do not decrease at all, making the later challenges a good way to earn bolts.


Challenge Guide Prize
Micro Alley A simple challenge in which you must find and fight ten Chickenbots. 200 bolts
Cratescraper Coliseum Similar to the Micro Alley challenge, but with stronger enemies, and a large stack of bolt crates in the center. 400 bolts
Lance-a-Palooza This time you can only use the Lancer to destroy eight Chickenbots. 400 bolts
Explodo Zone Ten explodos must be destroyed to win, they are fast and deal heavy damage on contact, keeping your distance is recommended. 600 bolts
Wrench Rumble You have to smash a total of ten Chickenbots, using only the OmniWrench. Chickenbots are neither particularly durable nor strong, but can be annoying to deal with in a melee-only engagement due to their slightly longer range than your Wrench. Jumping on-top of them to stun is effective. 600 bolts
Lance-a-Palooza 2 A repeat of the earlier Lance-a-Palooza challenge, but against a group of eight patrol bots this time. 600 bolts
Timed to Die A timed challenge, as the arena will be filled with gas that slowly drains your nanotech, forcing you to rush and find all the enemies before time runs out. Beware of becoming careless however, for you will have less health than you would expect due to the gas. 800 bolts
Assassination Station Eight Chickenbots roam around, each which can kill you in one hit. Use the Lancer and stay away from them, such as on or behind crates. 800 bolts
Missile Maelstrom A difficult challenge against ten rocket-shooting patrol bots. There are a few instances of two being close together, likely forcing you to have to dodge one while trying to shoot the other. Waiting for them to turn around and then shoot them in the back is effective. 800 bolts
Assassination Station Continuation A repeat of the Assassination Station challenge, but with explodos instead of Chickenbots. Explodos are both faster and intelligent, as they will turn around in an attempt to hurt you. Using the Gravity Bomb is recommended to hit them without getting close, as well as simply taking it slow and avoiding their area entirely if they come close. 1,200 bolts
Timed to Die Again A repeat of the Time to Die challenge, but this time you must destroy eight patrol bots wielding guns. 1,200 bolts
Boar Blitz Battle Using only the Boar-Zooka you must destroy ten patrol bots with rocket launchers. The Boar-Zooka has a high rate of fire and can shoot through enemies, meaning you only need to find and shoot them, before they do the same to you, to stunlock and finish them. 2,000 bolts
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