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Two weeks ago, intergalactic hero and renowned statesman Captain Starshield was on a routine visit to planet Calzon in the Solana Galaxy

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The Adventures of Captain Starshield is an online web-comic that was released on the Insomniac Games website. It was released in six episodes, with each episode containing one page of the story. The story followed Captain Starshield's heroic adventures. In the comic he visited two planets; Calzon and Fractis. The comics were removed during a site update and shortly after permission was gained to display them on the Ratchet & Clank Wiki.

Plot summary

Episode 1

Captain Starshield episode 1.jpg

During the first episode the planet Calzon in the Solana Galaxy is seen to be under threat from a planet-sized ship controlled by Baron Masseter. As the ship closes in on the planet a huge explosion occurs as Captain Starshield destroys the spaceship with his own ship. He is then seen to be flying through space away from Calzon.

Episode 2

Captain Starshield episode 2.jpg

My pleasure Chancellor, just doing my duty.

Captain Starshield to the Chancellor of Calzon, The Adventures of Captain Starshield

As episode two begins Captain Starshield is talking to the Chancellor of Calzon through a transmission, the Chancellor thanking him for saving the planet. The transmission is cut off as a critical breach on Captain Starshield's ship occurs causing a Nav-Grid error and then the hyperdrive to malfunction, launching his ship through space.

Episode 3

Captain Starshield episode three.jpg

Episode three shows that the faulty hyperdrive has sent Captain Starshield and his ship to the planet Fractis in the Kavorian galaxy, and the damaged ship starts to shoot towards the planet's surface. Starshield then quickly overrides the computer to manual controls allowing him to make a manual landing and save both himself and his ship.

Episode 4

Captain Starshield episode four.jpg

But where there's Kragmites… There's… Cantors!

Captain Starshield encountering a Kantor on Fractis, The Adventures of Captain Starshield

In episode Captain Starshield exits his ship on Fractis. He quickly encounters several Kragmites which he deals with easily. However, he soon realises that where there are Kragmites there are Cantors just as one emerges.

Episode 5

Captain Starshield episode five.jpg

Episode five begins with Captain Starshield firing at the Cantor with |his blaster and then narrowly avoiding the resulting attack from the Cantor but jumping out of the way.

Episode 6

Captain Starshield episode six.jpg

In episode six Captain Starshield lures the Cantor towards him and positions it under the rock where he had earlier landed his ship. He then fires at the rock, splitting it and sending the rock with Starshield's ship down on top of the Cantor. He then returns to his ship which announces that the repairs are complete and that a distress signal had come through from the Shadow Sector. Captain Starshield then takes off and sets a course for the Shadow Sector.


The series was created by Greg Baldwin and David Guertin who were given the comic opportunity after completing art for Ratchet: Deadlocked.[1]

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