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The Adventures of Captain Starshield is an online web-comic that was released on the Insomniac Games website. It serves as a prequel to Deadlocked, taking place two weeks prior to the events of the game.[1] The comic follows the escapades of Captain Starshield prior to him joining DreadZone in the Shadow Sector.

The comic was created by created by Greg Baldwin and David Guertin who were given the comic opportunity after completing art for Ratchet: Deadlocked.[2] It was released in six episodes, with each episode containing one page of the story. The comics were removed during a site update and shortly after permission was gained to display them on the Ratchet & Clank Wiki.


Planet Calzon in the Solana Galaxy is under threat from a planet-sized ship controlled by Baron Masseter. As the ship closes in on the planet, a huge explosion occurs as Captain Starshield destroys Baron Masseter's ship with his own, before flying off into space. Starshield then briefly talks to the Chancellor of Calzon through a transmission. The Chancellor thanks him for saving the planet, before the transmission is cut off as a critical breach on Starshield's ship occurs, causing a Nav-Grid error followed by a subsequent hyperdrive malfunction that launches his ship through space.

The faulty hyperdrive sends Starshield to planet Fractis in the Kavorian Galaxy, with the damaged ship heading directly for it. Starshield overrides the computer to manual controls, allowing him to land safely and save both himself and the ship. The fourth episode sees him exit the ship and encounter hostile creatures known as kragmites,[a] and then deadlier creatures known as cantors, which he describes as "vicious killing machines" before firing his blaster at one to little effect and then narrowly escaping its attack. Starshield lures the cantor beneath the rock where he had landed his ship. He then fires at the rock, sending it and his ship down on the Cantor, defeating it.

Starshield then returns to his ship, which announces its repairs are complete, and that a distress signal had come through from the Shadow Sector. Captain Starshield commands his computer to set a course for the sector, and promptly takes off.


Each episode comprises one page of the comic.



  1. The kragmites in The Adventures of Captain Starshield do not appear to have a connection to the cragmites introduced in Tools of Destruction, as they bare little resemblance.



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