Tetramites were small insects that travelled in swarms. They were invincible (almost), and could easily kill anything they touched in seconds. Tetramites loved Breegus nectar, and it was often used as a distraction to get past these lethal insects.[1] They also hated water, and would not go anywhere near it.[2] To get past Voltan Ivy, a living organism impervious to any munition in the universe, Tetramites could be used to scare it by pumping Breegus Nectar onto it. The concept and idea of the Tetramites bore a lot of resemblance to the Tumfoids, which were distracted by Gelatonium. However, Tumfoids were harmless, while Tetramites were not.


Tetramites could be killed by distracting them with the nectar, then throwing the Omniwrench. You could kill the entire swarm if you were fast enough; however, more would spawn from the nest about ten seconds later.

Behind the scenes

While spelt "Tetramite" in-game, the Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Signature Series Strategy Guide had the spelling "Tetramyte."


  • "Death by Tetramite" was considered the most honorable way to die by among the Agorians.
  • The Tetramites bore a strong resemblance to "The Swarm" from another Insomniac Games game, Resistance 2. It was revealed in the Insomniac Museum that their sprites were in fact grounded versions of The Swarm.
  • If Ratchet got caught in a swarm, the Tetramites also lowered his jumping ability.
  • As troubling as they were, Tetramites were only found on four levels: Lumos, Zanifar, the Agorian Battleplex, and the Insomniac Museum, the latter being a bonus level.
  • Tetramites are similar to bees in the behavioral sense, in the fact that they both are attracted to nectar, can be hostile, and dislike water.
  • Tetramites could be destroyed with the OmniWrench Millennium 12, but some of them would respawn in a Tetramite nest.
  • Shooting water at Tetramites from an OmniSoaker will cause swarm to avoid water left on the ground while still pursuing Ratchet.


Notes and references

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