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The Tesla Spikes is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in A Crack in Time. It is a glove that throws spikes which, when deployed, shock nearby enemies with bolts of electricity, and will web up with nearby spikes to increase its covered area.

The Tesla Spikes can be obtained upon reaching planet Terachnos for 19,000 bolts. With use, it can be upgraded to the Storm Spikes, which also shocks enemies close to an enemy that has been shocked. In challenge mode, the Omega Storm Spikes can be purchased for 205,000 bolts.


A Tesla Spike emitting electricity

The Tesla Spikes glove is a brown and metallic glove that tosses the spikes. The spikes themselves are small, brown sticks with an electric orb on top of them, and are surrounded by electricity while they are up. They will web up and connect with any nearby spikes.

The Storm Spikes glove is bulkier, with blue bolts on its wrist.


The Tesla Spikes when thrown will damage nearby enemies, with its range depending on how many other spikes it is webbed up with. It has relatively low ammo, but its spikes can deal damage for a decent amount of time. The weapon should be used strategically to cover ground and thrown to deal damage in addition to Ratchet's other weapons. However, the Tesla Spikes is a relatively weak weapon that is largely outclassed by Mr. Zurkon who can move throughout the battlefield, and other weapons with greater range and damage.

The Storm Spikes shocks not only nearby enemies but enemies nearby the first enemy shocked. This upgrade therefore increases the range of the weapon and its radius, allowing it to spread its damage further. However, the weapon is still relatively weak compared to other choices.

Behind the scenes

The weapon appeared in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.