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Terraklon gladiators were squiggly-armed Terraklon gladiators that attacked with dual swords that were connected to their arms in the Mukow arena. Their strength was moderate and their armor was weak and they could only attack at short range. Their cousins were Paladrones and Argonoids. They attacked by running up to you then slicing you with their swords. They also used a spinning tornado move, which could get you hurt if you touched them. A medium range gun like the Fusion Grenade should have handled a pack of them. They also looked nothing like Lord Vorselon, though he's a cyborg. Oddly enough they cover their single large eye with strange sensors giving them the appearance that they have four not one eye.

Terraklons were first met on planet Mukow. They were enslaved by the Imperial Empire and many were forced to fight in arena for the Imperial armys entertainment in the Imperial Fight Festivel on planet Mukow. By the time Ratchet and Clank reach Zordoom Prison, it's stated that that their homeworld was destroyed by a massive supernova, forcing the Terraklons to become nomads.


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