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The Terraklons were a species with oval heads and fangs on the lower jaw. Their skin color ranged from green to purple. As the legs that they are seen to have appear to be mechanical, it is possible that they do not possess legs of their own. Lord Vorselon was a notable member of the species.

Their home planet, Terraklon Six, was destroyed during the events of Tools of Destruction, and all of the Terraklons imprisoned in Zordoom Prison were released. They were also known to inhabit the Terraklon Mines on Gribnak, and the gladiators used in the fight festival came from here. The Umbüko gladiators were terraklons.

The terraklons were the ones who developed the Warmonger.


Before Tools of Destruction

The Terraklons were a violent, cunning and highly feared race in the Polaris Galaxy. At some point the Terraklons waged war against the Drophyds. Led by Flint Vorselon, the Terraklons invaded the Drophyd homeworld of Zaurik. Despite their efforts, the Drophyds defeated the Terraklons and left Flint Vorselon nothing but a disembodied head. The Drophyds soon enslaved the Terraklons, sending many to Zordoom Prison on planet Viceron and forcing countless others to be gladiators in the Magnetum Tournament on planet Mukow for the Imperial Troops' entertainment.

Tools of Destruction

During the events of Tools of Destruction, Terraklon Six, the homeworld of the Terraklons, was destroyed in the Thyrullian supernova. The Terraklons, save for Lord Vorselon, were granted their freedom and became nomads as they searched the galaxy for a new world to call home.

A Crack in Time

Lord Vorselon, a disembodied terraklon

After getting out of Zordoom Prison, the former terraklon leader Lord Vorselon became an underling of Dr. Nefarious. Vorselon attempted to track down Alister Azimuth per his orders. Three times he encountered Ratchet and was defeated, with the final defeat bringing about his death.


They cover their single large eye with strange sensors giving them the appearance that they have four.

Terraklons are similar to the argonoids and paladrones, their allies in the Imperial Fight Festival.


Their strength was moderate and their armor was weak, and they could only attack at short range. They did so by running up to Ratchet and then slicing him with their blade attachments, and also employed a spinning slash move which could get Ratchet hurt if he got too close. A medium range gun like the Fusion Grenade is apt in handling a pack of them.