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Teratropes were large crab-like creatures that fed on Quantum energy. They were relatively harmless, although they attacked past selves of Clank. They were often found with Breegus Wasps. Teratropes were very weak, they were killed in one hit, no matter who hit them. They were known not to speak any language; the only time they made noises was when they were killed. They popped out of the ground when other organisms were nearby. It is unknown how they pop out of a moon's surface, rock, and the metal surface of the Great Clock, but they did possess the ability to change visibility and size.

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Strangely, a similar or same species of Teratropes appeared on planet Magnus, without being accompanied by any Breegus Wasps or Grubsnuckers in the Terawatt Forest. The similarity between the name of the enemies and their location may mean the Teratropes originated from Magnus.


The Teratropes bore great resemblance to the Anthropods of the two previous games. Not only were they found with fellow enemy, the Grubsnucker, they had exactly the same model of the Anthropods - having only a different skin color. The Teratropes might have been a different type of Anthropod, although that is simply speculation. Only Ratchet fought these. Like regular Teratropes, they take only one hit to be killed, but have stronger attacks.

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