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Temporal Recording or Time puzzles were an ability that Clank gained, allowing him to duplicate himself performing a certain action. A befriended robot called Sigmund taught Clank the ability while in the Great Clock.

Temporal Recording was used in a similar manner as he manipulated with his minions in previous games. Temporal Recordings are usually used to open closed doors, and it worked when Clank recorded himself performing an action to open a door by stepping on pad. However, when Clank stepped off the pad, the door closed. He then "played" the action as a holographic copy, which allowed the door to be left to open for him to go through. He then terminated the recording.
The Temporal Recording could also be used to record Clank doing several things, like attacking enemies, so that he can multi-task if he needs to take out a horde of enemies.

When the player was unable to complete the puzzle, they had a choice to let Clank bypass the system - but a price: losing the reward and the chance to earn a skill point.

Clank's subconscious

After his second visit to the Mnemonic Stations, Clank could go into his subconscious and play some time puzzles set up by Sigmund. These were notably the hardest of the whole game, each having a gold bolt as a reward and four different recording pads.


  • Temporal Recordings were used in the Great Clock in order for Clank to get past the complex security systems.

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