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Knock foes off their ft by blasting them backwards with a dose of quantum energy.

Instruction Manual Weapon Description, ItN

Ratchet using the Repulsor

The Alpha Temporal Repulsor,[1] referred to in-game as the Temporal Repulsor, is a weapon manufactured by Grummel Net Industries in Into the Nexus. It is a temporal shotgun that uses quantum energy to add power to its ammo.[2]

The weapon can be purchased from a vendor for 10,000 bolts upon reaching planet Yerek. It can be upgraded with Raritanium. With use, it can be upgraded to the Quantum Repulsor at V3, which uses Zoni energy to trap enemies in a status bubble so they can be blasted repeatedly with the Repulsor or another weapon thereafter.


The Temporal Repulsor is a long, red weapon with blue highlights. It features one main barrel connected by four tubes leading to it, which release outwards when fires. It fires a blue wave at enemies.


The Temporal Repulsor has low ammo and a low rate of fire, but has strong damage and a strong blast radius that allows it to damage multiple enemies at once. While its ammo should be conserved, and it should be used only in close to medium range, it can be very effective against clumps of enemies, or against medium enemies that are close to Ratchet.

The Temporal Repulsor can be upgraded with Raritanium. With use, it can be upgraded to the Quantum Repulsor, which will freeze enemies in place by trapping them in a status bubble when fired. This makes the weapon more strategically useful against medium to larger enemies to hold them in place while another weapon finishes them off, making it more of an all-purpose medium ranged weapon.

Behind the scenes

A shot-gun like weapon that knocks back enemies. It uses quantum energy to add more stopping power to it's deadly ammunition.

holocard Description, PS4

The weapon appears as a holocard in the 2016 reboot game.