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Template:Reflist is used as a cache for citations (see Help:Footnotes). Due to its programming, it is faster and more flexible than the native <references /> function. It should always be used in conjunction with {{cite}}.





unnamed 1
(default: "1" )

The number of list columns to display. Often useful if the article has any more than 10 references.


(default: "decimal" )

The corresponding group parameter for each of the refs. Used to specify a certain type of citation, such as annotations, explanatory notes, secondary sources, primary sources, etc. Note that {{note}} and {{notelist}} exist for lower-alpha footnotes.



A group of pre-defined citations that can be invoked elsewhere in the article via the name parameter. Useful if an article has a multitude of sources that would make the page unreadable in edit mode if they were defined inline with the rest of the article content.

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