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Template:Infobox trophy is an infobox template used for trophy articles. Technically, it is only a table due to the brevity of the necessary data to display.


Place the following under the existing infobox (if applicable).

{{infobox trophy
|name     = 
|requires = 
|trophy   = 
|image    = 

|name [n]     = 
|requires [n] = 
|trophy [n]   = 
|image [n]    = 

Where [n] is a number 1 through 5.



name or name 1 up to name 5

The name of the trophy.


requires or requires 1 up to requires 5

A short description of how the trophy is obtained.


trophy or trophy 1 up to trophy 5

The trophy type (i.e. "Bronze", "Silver", or "Gold"). Will be applied as a tooltip and alt text.


image or image 1 up to image 5

The trophy's image. Required to show what award the trophy is (bronze, silver, gold, or platinum).

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