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Template:Infobox mission is an infobox template used for missions.


Place the following at the top of the article, below the appearances template and page management templates.

{{infobox mission
|name        = 
|image       = 
|other names = 
|objectives  = 
|assigned by = 
|reward      = 
|required    = 
|location    = 
|preceded by = 
|followed by = 


The following parameters have both an un-numerated option and numerated options 1 through 5. Numerated options are for infoboxes on pages that contain information for multiple missions that have effectively the same objective, or share a name.

On pages that cover multiple missions, use un-numerated parameters for values that are common to each mission—only use numerated parameters whose values are different per mission.


(default: "{{PAGENAME}}" )

The name of the infobox, if different from the article name (otherwise leave empty).



The file name and extension of the infobox image.


other names, other names 1 up to other names 5

Any other names the mission uses. This is common for missions that develop over time.


objectives, objectives 1 up to objectives 5

If applicable, a list of the objectives for the mission, as listed in-game.


playable, playable 1 up to playable 5

The playable character featured in the mission, if the game has multiple playable characters.


assigned by, assigned by 1 up to assigned by 5

The character who verbally assigned the mission. Do not use this parameter if a mission becomes available merely after talking to a character who otherwise has nothing to do with the objective of the mission.

If the mission is incidental (i.e., was not assigned by a particular person but occurs as a matter of exploration), use Ratchet or Clank.


reward, reward 1 up to reward 5

The reward or object attained after completion of the mission.


required, required 1 up to required 5

The previous mission or object, completion or acquisition of which is required to begin or complete the mission in question.


location, location 1 up to location 5

The location(s) in which the mission takes place.


preceded by, preceded by 1 up to preceded by 5

The mission preceding the mission in question. This combined with followed by should form a seamless navigation system through the entirety of the game's missions.


followed by, followed by 1 up to followed by 5

The mission following the mission in question. This combined with preceded by should form a seamless navigation system through the entirety of the game's missions.