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This page contains usage information for Template:Icon.

Template:Icon is used for displaying small icons.


{{icon|icon name }}



<unnamed 1>

The shorthand name for the icon to be displayed (see #Inputs).


Name of option Resulting icon
triangle Triangle
square Square
x X
circle Circle
u Up
r Right
d Down
l Left
l1 L1
l2 L2
l3 L3
r1 L1
r2 R2
r3 R3
sl Shoulder L
sr Shoulder R
ttl Touchpad top-left
tbl Touchpad bottom-left
ttr Touchpad top-right
tbr Touchpad bottom-right
select Select
start Start
leftstick Left analog stick
rightstick Right analog stick
required Required
semi-required Semi-required
optional Optional
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